Sunday, May 12, 2013

Packing for the Hospital

Oh, hello there peeps!

I am now at almost 38 weeks (roughly two weeks away from my estimated due date) all ready and packed for the biggest adventure of my life (the birthing experience).

I have to confess, I've never slept in a hospital before. I am definitely a first-timer in so many things (more so in terms of childbirth) so as a reference to me (and many first time mommies out there) here's one of the items I've downloaded from babycenter to help me out with packing for the hospital.

Here's my bag (there's two bags obviously, one for me and another for the baby) and here's what I've packed:

1. Reading materials (just in case I have spare time to read or if my stay at the hospital is extended due to whatever reason).
2. Snacks (inclusive of a hot water container for my 3-in-1 sachets, the 3-in-1 sachets itself and a pack of biscuits).
3. Disposable diapers for the baby (about 6 diapers to be exact). I initially planned on using cloth diapers  but I figured that I might be too overwhelmed with adjusting to becoming a mommy, recuperating from childbirth, learning how to breastfeed and caring for the lil' one so I thought I'd leave the cloth diapering practice for when I get home.

And why only 6 diapers? Why not more? Why not less? Based on the advice that I've gathered from my mommy friends (and the net of course), you have to change the nappy once every 3 hours so having 6 diapers means that I have about 18 hours before I run out of nappies. Unless I'm scheduled for a caesarian, I think 18 hours should be enough for me before I check out of the hospital. 

4. Wet wipes for the baby's bum. I initially bought two huge packs of wet wipes so that I wouldn't run out of them and I even found a site that shows how to make homemade baby wipes (which I am so going to try out by the way) but I was told by another friend that newborn's bum can get rashes due to the chemical from wet wipes and was advised to use only water and cotton balls. So that's why I have the blue container and a packet of cotton balls in my diaper bag (to wipe the baby's bum during diaper changes). Apparently my wet wipes will have to wait til the baby is bigger (maybe in the 2nd or 3rd month I suppose).
5. Clothes for the mum (one for the overnight stay and another for going home).
6. Toiletries for mum
7. Sanitary pads for the mum (I also packed six pads, planning to change the pads every 3 hours or so).
8. Ginger cream and hot water bottle to keep the tummy warm (just in case). But this might not be necessary if I have a caesarian (will have to ask the doc first).
9. Baby clothes, mittens, cap and socks (two pairs for each) and a receiving blanket.
10. Gadgets (iPad and iPhone).

And other alternative items that I've packed:
11. Baby oil (for hubs to massage me with when the pain gets unbearable prior to labor); and
12. Aromatherapy scents to help me relax prior to labor.
13. Birth plan (as agreed between me and doc). This is more for hubs rather than doc/ nurses for I fear hubs might get confused as to what's happening during labor.
14. Air selusuh (a traditional Malay drink that is believed to help speed up the labor process, usually provided by a traditional Malay midwife).

Here's some of the cutesy baby outfits that we've packed for the baby. Seriously, baby stuff are so cute! 

Do let me know if I've left out any other important items that I need for my stay at the hospital. 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista


  1. hi mem! congrats for the pregnancy journey yang sik lamak gik nak meletup and baby kiut akan enter this world!!!

    hahaha. mem!

    baju baby kluar spetar mun dpt jgn berik ROMPER!!! baby maseh ada tali pusat n ada penyepit plastik lekat d pusat nya mem! singkol kita nangga penyepit ya timbol kelak..

    bekal baju berbutton dpn n 2 piece (sloar n baju), kei baby. sak selesa juak kita masang nya mem!

    aok eyh! baju baby nang KIUT!!!!! geram oh!

    mudahan mujor jurus mem!!!!

    1. Thank you for the tip Ma, klak kmk embak baju nok ada butang-butang depan.. Sik juak mek terpikir hal tali pusat ya tek koh.. Can't wait to join the Mommies club kedak ktk org =)