Monday, November 28, 2011

Malay Wedding: J.U.S.T. M.A.R.R.I.E.D.

I am now Mrs Raden Chekra Muda!! The dust have finally calmed down post-wedding and I am finally free to blog to my heart's content. Here are some teaser photos taken from my official wedding photographer, Ise Razak Facebook page:

White studio. Taken on Tuesday, three days before the wedding. Framed and displayed on a painter's easel by Thursday, one day before the solemnization ceremony. Thank you Ise for his swift workmanship =)

My solemnization ceremony is actually held on my birthday, hence, the birthday surprise. Thank you Mr Raden Chekra Muda *hugs*. Ps: I was givenTHREE (3) birthday cakes that day. Pheww

Merenjis. A Malay custom involving elder family members blessing the bride and the groom. 

Teaser shots. The book is actually my pre-wedding photo album.

Geisha dolls. Bought them when we went to Beijing on holiday last year. Glad that they are a part of my wedding bedroom decor. Super cute! 

This shot is taken in the bedroom. Didn't think it'd show up like this but I like the end result though. Nice!

Outdoor photoshoot. Taken near Samariang Muslim cemetery. The Just Married banner was printed and prepared by Ise. Thank you for being a wonderful photographer and he prepared all the props before hand without any prompting. Truly recommended, I must say. 

Ise's blog is here if you wanna see more of his work:

Will post more on the wedding next!

Lots of love from the Married Fashionista!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista in Action xoxo

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Bachelorette Party: Village House, Santubong

I was supposed to have a bachelorette party in KL before I left for Samarinda, Indonesia (end of October), and I know, I haven't blogged for a while and I really feel bad about it but I've been so swamped with so many things to do (the wedding preparation, the conferences and meetings that I have to attend to, and not withstanding my 12 hours weekday classes plus my 2 hours weekend class, it's a wonder that I'm still standing right?) but due to unforeseen circumstances, the bachelorette was kinda cancelled at the last minute, so my colleagues decided that it is a must for to have a hen's night (so to speak) and we checked in to Village House, a luxury homestay in Kampung Santubong over the near weekend (we checked in on Thursday and checked out the following day, on Friday). 

Oh, one more thing, this is a photoblog, I find that photos have a better way of telling the stories than I can. Happy scrolling =P

Truth be told, even though all of us a Kuching bred and born, we didn't know that such a place existed! It had gotten rave reviews on Agoda and the photos looked superb (in the website) that we decided to give it a try. When I arrived it was almost dusk, I was attending a course at CWA that day so drove quickly to Santubong once the program ended. My friends, on the other hand, had been swimming to their hearts content since noon. I was envious of the thought of them swimming throughout the whole afternoon that I was in the course *sigh*.

This is the bedroom. It's definitely cozy for two. There's a fan and an air conditioner (which I like, cause I like dozing off to a slightly cool breeze) and the toilet is definitely a plus. It's white, super-clean and airy, with a nice shower (you know, the ones that makes your shower feel like the rain falling on your head). The bed is super comfy (I truly enjoyed my sleep) and the blankets are designed to feel like you're being cuddled and cocooned to sleep.

 This is the hangout area in front of the pool. So, if you're not into swimming, you can actually laze around or get a suntan or read a good book (or do it all if you like!)

The decor reminds me of a combination of Balinese and Malay. The lights are actually a gear to catch fish, in Malay it's called 'bubu' if I'm not mistaken. The stairs leads up to the library, common area and TV room.

The place looks big in my photos but it's actually quite small. There's only about 14 rooms altogether, only about five buildings (four buildings houses the rooms and one for the office cum library cum bar). But I do love the way they've created a lot of enclaves for us to relax and hang out. Lucky for us, there was only one other guest other than the five of us, so we kinda had the place to ourselves which was absolutely great for us *grin*.

The only downside to the place, it offers non-halal food. But since we all had our own transport, we quickly drove to Damai Central (in front of Kampung Budaya) to grab a bite. My friends even brought a cake for the occasion. Thank you for the kind gesture dearies *hugs*.

Couldn't resist  snapping a photo of the moon. It certainly was an extremely bright night.

Played scrabble until midnight. I'm sure my friends are super tired (they've been swimming the whole day) but am glad that they're willing to stay up and play with me. The only thing on the plan that we didn't do, facials! Brought all my gear but everyone was too knackered for a girly facial session.

 Breakfast, the morning after, cereal and freshly made pancakes. Yum! 

 All artistic decor seems to have been created by Sarawak's own artist, Ramsay Ong. Beautiful carvings, paintings and sculpture everywhere. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to get to know his works better =).

 After checking out, had a photo session with the manager, Lawrence and Zin. The day we arrived she was wearing this beautiful white Kebaya. We initially thought that she's a Malaysian, she looks so like us, but apparently she's from Myanmar.

Had such a great reception from the staff at Village House that it would be absolutely wrong for me not to share their website address, so here it is:

Post checkout, headed off to Elephant Cafe for some delicious mouth-watering lunch. Conclusion, great trip with great friends. Am certainly looking forward to another trip there, hopefully for another bachelorette or a birthday weekend, who knows?

Hugs and kisses everyone!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo

Ps: will be posting my wedding updates soon! It's two weeks and the countdown is definitely on!