Friday, February 25, 2011

Going Once! Going Twice! Sold!

I am off the market. No, I have not been sold off. In fact, I have been asked for my hand in marriage. So this would probably mark the end of my wild unrestrained ways and endless pursuits of love and settling down.

So, what on earth happened?

Well, nothing that would shake the earth to its core, just that I received a request to ask for my hand in marriage. And being a true Malay girl, it had to be done in the real traditional way. The guy's family came over to our home, formally asks for father for my hand in marriage. Ain't that sweet?

And these are the photos from our Majlis Bertekul (the traditional Sarawakian term for this ceremony). The term basically means that the guy is putting his claim on the lady *wink*.

The guy's entourage; consisting of his parents, aunties and uncle.

My uncle; appointed to speak on our behalf during the ceremony.

Gifts from the guy; consisting of a piece of thread (symbolic to tie the two of us), duit buka mulut (am unsure what this symbolizes, I'll ask my Grandma for more info), duit tanda bertunang (money symbolizing our engagement) and gold ring (a ring symbolizing that I'm taken); all wrapped in a yellow cloth (a tradition of the guys family bearing their family name).

That's me. The family has to ask for my agreement that binds me to the relationship.

Our elders, my mum, my aunts, the guy's entourage.

This is a relatively small ceremony, as you can see there are not so many attendees. This is usually a private ceremony, signifying the preclude to a bigger ceremony, the wedding itself.

Well, I'll certainly post a few more pics on the Majlis Bertekul in my later post as I haven't transfered all my photos from Nikki to my laptop =)


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo