Monday, May 27, 2013

Preparing for the Baby: Cloth Diapering 101

Knowing that I am about to give birth soon, I have gone all out in preparing (buying stuff and etc.) towards cloth diapering my baby. Indeed in my previous post I have mentioned that I am planning to try out cloth diapering (something that surprised even myself because about two months ago me and hubs had bought TWO huge pack of disposable diapers for the baby to use).

My main motivation for cloth diapering is twofold; to reduce on waste and money. In my ignorance (as a first time mommy) I only know now that infants use up to 12 diapers (or moreper day (in the first month or two). A disposable diaper costs about RM0.50 to RM0.70 each (these are non-environmentally friendly ones, the environmentally friendly diapers costs more). This translates to a minimum cost of RM6 - RM8.50 per day or RM180 - RM255 per month (which equals to an average of 360 diapers being thrown out monthly *gasp*). Assuming that the baby uses 12 diapers per day in the first two months and maybe about 8 diapers a day by the third month onwards, you could be looking at spending RM1,560 to RM2,190 in disposable diapers alone for the first year (this equals to 3,120 diapers being thrown out per baby per year *yikes*). This site even claims that the average baby goes through an average of 6,000 disposable diapers before they are potty trained (costing parents between RM3,000 - RM4,200 just for diapers alone). I think that could buy me a Louis Vuitton handbag =).

The costs of diapering didn't alarm me as much as I do expect to spend a reasonable amount of money in the upbringing of my child (as did my parents and other mommies before me) but the thought of contributing thousands of disposable diapers to our landfills from just one child (specifically, my child) gave me quite a rude awakening.

My second motivation is purely for selfish reasons (I'm sure other mommies would agree with me on this). I was told by my friend Khai (and by other mommies in this Facebook group that I've joined) that using cloth diapers leads to less rashes (on the baby's bum) because you need to change the nappy more often than disposables. Less rashes equals to more comfort, better sleep and less fussing, so, let's go for it, I say!

And my final motivation is for the baby itself. I have read that cloth diapered babies are potty trained earlier compared to babies with disposable diapers; some mommies even claimed that their babies were already potty trained by the age of 1 plus and I do hope that my baby would be potty trained as early as possible too.

So I asked my friend Remus for advice on cloth diapering and she told me that cloth diapering has gone a long way from the old flat cloth diapers and plastic 'ikat' pants that we had to wear when we were young (if you're clueless on cloth diapering like I was when I heard all those fancy cloth diapering jargons, you may want to visit this site to find out more). 

The selection of cloth diapers and liners are made based on one objective; convenience (you may be doing cloth but it needn't be difficult). Based on Rem's advice, I decided to settle for All-in-Twos mainly for the convenience of separating and washing the inserts (also known as flats/ prefolds/ soakers) separately from the shells (the technologically advanced version of our plastic 'ikat' pants). Thus I can wash the inserts and still reuse the shells (without having to clean both every time the baby pees/ or poo). Flushable nappy liners was selected also based on convenience; once I'm changing the inserts, I can flush the dirty liner down the toilet (without having to put it in a bin and throw out the trash later) providing less hassle and saving time (hopefully).

After much googling, reading and research, I have decided to go with Grovia Hybrid All-in-Twos, Autumnz Pocket Cloth Diaper (I adore their cute designs) and Bayu Diapers (limited edition) Matrix a try (as much as I'd like to try and save money, I'm actually not that good in being thrifty, most of the time I buy things simply because they're cute or they are a limited edition). For the nappy liner, I have decided to go with Grovia BioLiners but if you like there are other brands selling flushable nappy liners like the Autumnz Stay Dry Diaper Liner (Grovia BioLiners averages at 19.95 cents per piece and Autumnz at 19.90 cents per piece; I bought Grovia only to save postage, it's available locally while I haven't found a store in Kuching selling Autumnz liners). 

And this is what I have so far (it's not much, I know). To those who might be interested in cloth-diapering and are wondering where to get them in Kuching (also as a point of reference for me so that I'd remember where I got them): Grovia Hybrid (also known as All-in-Two) Snaps Woodlands and Nature from Bebe Heaven, Plaza Merdeka at RM60 each, a set of 8 Disney Baby Napkins (flat cloth diapers) from AnakkutHe Spring at RM28.90 and Grovia BioLiners also from Bebe Heaven, Plaza Merdeka at RM39.90 each. Not in photo, Snappi Nappy Fasteners from Poppies, tHe Spring at RM9.90 per pair, a set of 6 Infant Prefolds at RM48.60 (with additonal Poslaju shipping costs at RM10.50currently awaiting shipment from BambooLite, 2 Autumnz Cloth Diaper (one Minky Snap Button and one PUL Button) from One Baby World at RM31.92 each (not inclusive of postage at RM9) and one Bayu Diapers (limited edition) Matrix at RM29.90 from Sentuhan Bayu (not inclusive of RM12 postage). Both diapers from Autumnz and Sentuhan Bayu comes with two microfibre insert each and this brings my collection of cloth diapers to a total of 8 flats, 6 prefolds, 6 inserts and 5 All in Twos. Total costs so far, RM382.49.

Based on the advice from my Facebook group and my friend Remus, my current diaper stash is definitely not enough (so if you're thinking that spending only RM380 for cloth diapers is way too cheap, that's only possible because it's not enough). At a minimum I need at least 36 diapers (lasting roughly for about three days at 12 diapers per day) and maybe at the very least 12 shells (the plastic 'ikat' pants). But I do have a feeling that should I continue to cloth diaper my baby until he or she is one years old (or even better, potty trained) I could be saving quite a sum of money from cloth diapering my first child (and the costs of cloth diapers will almost be practically free for my second child onwards, needing only to buy diaper liners and detergent for the cloth diapers).

Since I was in the midst of contemplating on whether I should add more diapers or wait until I know what I'm doing, I decided to learn the methods of folding flat cloth diapers.

Firstly I tried out the instructions at the bottom of my newly acquired Anakku Disney Baby Napkins (I simply adore the Mickey Mouse silhouette prints on these flats!):

And this was the outcome of my first try:

This is also known as the Origami method. However, I think this folding method might be a wee bit too big for a newborn. So I googled around and found a website that teaches you several methods of folding flat diapers:

1. The Triangle

I don't know how leak-proof The Triangle would be but the best part about folding it this way is that you can adjust the size of the triangle according to the size of your baby. So if you have a newborn, and The Triangle is too big for him or her, you can just fold it again to make a smaller triangle that fits =).

2. The Kite-fold

I am thinking that this folding method would be perfect for newborns (unless the newborns are huge to begin with) so I intend to try this folding method first when using flat diapers with the baby.

3. The Terry Square

And this is another method that I liked. I think I'll follow up with this folding method once the baby is bigger (maybe at two or three months of age).

Unfortunately I didn't really agree with some of the folding methods as shown in the website because they looked like they would leak easily.

I am definitely looking forward to cloth diapering and reviewing the cloth diapers that the  baby will be wearing =).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

Ps: Updated on 28th May 2013

These arrived in the mail today *woot*woot*: 

Skip Hop wipes case that I bought from Merrily Baby at RM45 (not inclusive of RM10 postage), the set of 6 Infant Prefolds from BambooLite, and Bayu Diapers (limited edition) Matrix from Sentuhan Bayu. I didn't mention the wipes case in my earlier writing simply because I don't think they're relevant to cloth diapering (well, they are relevant but they're not a part of cloth diapers if you know what I mean). However, I wanted a wipes case so that I can make/ buy baby wipes in bulk and should I need to carry a small amount with me, I'll just take some from the huge pile that I have and put them in the case (without having to bring the whole big pile with me). So I'm only waiting for my final online purchase of the Minky Snap Button and PUL Button Autumnz Cloth Diaper from One Baby World.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fashionista's Review: BambooLite Cloth Panty Liner

I have gone green.


That's probably not true.

Before you read more of this post, let me just make one thing clear, I have never aspired to be Captain Planet, or even Mrs Captain Planet. Neither is my husband a candidate for Mr Save-the-Earth (let me think for a moment, nope, he wouldn't even pass the qualifying rounds unfortunately).

Anyway, in my quest to learning more about cloth diapers (you know, the reusable diapers that I'm planning on using for my baby), I have stumbled across a whole new world of alternative environmentally-friendly products (sadly, this goes to show just how small my world is). This company came to me by surprise (interestingly I did not discover it while googling cloth diapers, it actually found me). You know how Facebook now recommends pages that you might like based on the pages you have liked before (beware people, Facebook knows you better than you do yourself), so a few days ago I came across a suggestion for this page: BambooLite (and Facebook also informed me that 3 of my friends like the same page). So I clicked on the page, found out that they were selling cloth diapers and went to their website to get more information on their products.

And this is where my world suddenly opened up and I found out that they were selling cloth feminine pads *gasp* and cloth panty liners (something that I didn't knew even existed). I immediately googled reviews on cloth feminine pads (which I previously thought to have gone extinct since the introduction of disposable feminine pads) and found quite a few positive reviews on the stuff. Since I am not that adventurous (the only adventures that I go on involves exploring foreign countries and not introducing foreign items to my va-jay-jay), I've decided to test the waters by trying out BambooLite's cloth panty liner (and the fact that they're so many pretty designs to choose from helped out in me making that final purchase decision).

Among the designs for cloth panty liners available by BambooLite.

I made an order on Friday and voila, the item arrived three days later, on Monday. I decided not to try them out that very night but rather to wait for the next day so that I'd be testing them for a regular day at the office.

The cloth panty liners, neatly packed in a transparent plastic envelope complete with an instruction manual.

I ordered two cloth panty liners (at RM15 each they totalled to RM30) and also paid for PosLaju shipping cost of RM8.50 thus my total cost for these items only amounted to RM38.50. I would have to confess, my initial attraction to cloth panty liners is mainly due to economical reasons. By opting for cloth panty liners, I do not need to get disposables and therefore save money on future disposable purchases (besides helping the environment by not adding waste, definitely a win-win situation, right?). However, I am cautious in my decision to becoming a convert towards environmentally friendly products and that is why I bought only two of these. I'll buying more once I'm confident that cloth panty liners are here to stay (permanently in my knickers drawer that is).

These are the designs that I opted for: Rings N Bars (left) and Cashew Flowers (right). 

Despite it being a cloth panty liner, the size (they're about 17cm in length) is almost exactly the same as disposable panty liners, I previously assumed that it'd be bigger (and less efficient, being cloth after all). 

On how to wear them; the colorful fabric is the outer fabric, that side of the fabric should rest onto your knickers and the plain minky fabric (in bright orange as in the photo above) will be saying hello to your va-jay-jay (in their website they did mention that the minky fabric does not stain, so that's definitely a plus point). As you can see there are snaps by the side of the panty liner, the snaps are fastened in a way that the panty liner encloses over your panties just like a regular disposable panty liner would.

Storing the panty liners is just as easy, just follow the instructions and once folded, they'll look like this. Washing is also as easy, you just soak them in cold water for 30 minutes then the panty liner can be hand washed or machine washed (washing instructions are also available on their website). 

So how did my day fare as a first time cloth panty liner user? When I first put it on, I felt weird (well, that's due to my preconceived negative thoughts on cloth panty liners and I did have a wild thought on how I would react if I see my cloth panty liner fell to the ground while I was walking?), but the minky fabric felt incredibly soft to the skin. My main concern for panty liners is to keep the private parts dry and comfy (and let me tell you, being pregnant and having to go to the loo every hour or so does not make that easy) so after using BambooLite's panty liner for the day, I'd say that it absorbs moisture really well, keeping my va-jay-jay comfortable and dry during the day. The only con is that I do feel that compared to my disposable panty liners, they are slightly (not much though) bulky, it's like I can feel their presence but it's not that noticeable (maybe it's due to the fact that it's my first time so I'm a little bit self-conscious).
And this is my experience on using it for the night. As using it for the night meant that it would be the second time for me using the cloth panty liner, I find myself relaxing and not noticing that it was even there! I find the liner to be as good as disposable (if not better!) and felt comfortable using it throughout the night (despite the regular toilet visits that I have to endure now that I'm in the final week of my pregnancy).
The ultimate question is, would I convert to a cloth panty liner user? I certainly do think so. The pros definitely outweigh the cons; they're good for the environment, they last longer than disposable panty liners (that's for sure) and they help you save a pretty penny (so that you can go out and get yourself a pretty bauble as a treat!). Some even say that it's better for health as there are no harmful chemicals involved in manufacturing cloth panty liners (thus no harmful chemicals will be released to your va-jay-jay). And the part I like best about this product is how easy it is to wash them, just three steps, soak, rub with soapy water then rinse. Squeeze the water out and hang it to dry. Easy, right?
And the next question, would I try out cloth feminine pads or menstrual pads? I do think it is a possibility in the near future (I think it's like learning to ride a bicycle, initially you'll be learning how to ride on a tricycle, and once you've gotten the hang of it, riding a bike is as easy as ABC). Maybe I'll give the cloth pads a try for my lighter days (during menstruation) and when I feel comfortable (and confident) enough, I'll upgrade to using them all the time during my menses. But one thing for sure, I'll be getting more of these cloth panty liners and leave my disposable ones exclusively for traveling =).
Let's go green peeps! It's not only good for Mother Earth, it's also kind to the wallet.
xoxo Mrs Fashionista
Ps: Just in case you were wondering, the panty liner never did fall to the ground like I imagined. It stayed in its designated place minding it's own business, keeping me dry and comfortable *grin*.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fashionista's Book Review: Brain Rules for Baby

I found this book by accident when browsing the bookstore at LCCT International Departure Hall before leaving for Surabaya, Indonesia. Since we were leaving on a trip anyway and that trip has been planned to be filled with a 6-hour train ride from Surabaya to Yogyakarta (to and fro) I decided that it would be wise to have something to read while on the train (this thought later proved to be wise as the train ride turned out to be rather monotonous and dull).

Despite the book being on the New York Times bestseller list, I have never heard of the book before. But then again, I am not one to keep up with the bestseller list on New York Times *duh*. However, what compelled me to buy this book came at page 4 (I have a habit of reading a couple of pages of any book that I'd want to buy before making the decision to purchase; the synopsis often has a way of making a book way more interesting that it really is, you see).

On page 4, there are several myths that the author addressed (and some of those myths are those that seem to have been ingrained in my brain as truths *gasp*).

Myth #1: Playing Mozart to your womb will improve your baby's future math score (and the sad fact is, by the time I read this, I had already bought a whole collection of classical tunes from iTunes store just the previous month and was playing it once a week to the baby in my tummy. I have since changed from Mozart to Quranic verses instead).

Myth #2: Exposing your infant or toddler to language DVDs will boost his vocabulary.

Myth #3: To boost their brain power, children need French lessons by age 3 and a room piled with "brain-friendly" toys and a library of educational DVDs.

Myth #4: Continually telling your children they are smart will boost their confidence (which is what I've been doing to my niece, but since reading this book, I've stopped this habit).

So the author explained the rationale of these myths (and many others) and the actual facts regarding the myths (no I am not going to tell you what they are, but I do suggest that you go out and buy the book if you're interested to know).

So what can you expect from this book? I found the book to be filled with experiments (most of them regarding the brain but there are also many other experiments non-brain related) and the outcomes of those experiments (which is an eye-opener for me). There are also a lot of guidelines and tips on understanding a child's brain and how we, as mothers (or fathers or whoever it is that we think we are) can influence and shape those brains. For mothers out there (or soon-to-be mothers, like me, or even those involved in the childcare industry), I truly recommend this book. Don't worry, for a non-fiction book, it's written in a way that is simple and easy to understand (there's no funny jargons from what I can see) and the best part is, the author really tries to engage the readers in a witty conversational tone (so there's absolutely no lecture monotonous tone that you're used to when attending class).

Oh, if you're wondering about the academic qualifications of the author, he's a brain scientist, so he should be in his element in writing this book. For more information on the book or brain rules, you may want to visit his site here.


xoxo Mrs Fashionista

Ps: I'm definitely going to reread the book once the baby comes out =).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby Gear

Almost everyone that I meet or talk to says that baby gears are expensive. And I'm inclined to agree with that. But then again, that might not be true in some manner. This is because, how expensive or cheap those items are depends on what you're buying. So if you're buying an expensive brand, it's only logical that you expect the price tag to go with it. And vice versa. So this was our plan in buying baby items (you might agree or disagree with our methods and that's entirely fine with us) and what we did to minimize cost.

Among the first items that we bought for the baby was a stroller. And why you might ask? Well, we know that we'll be bringing the baby for a trip by the end of August, thus a stroller is one of our priorities in ensuring that we'll have our hands free from carrying the baby and also making sure that the baby will be able to get his or her beauty sleep wherever we are. Thus a stroller (complete with a washable stroller pad for stains etc.) was one of the things we knew that we need to have. So our requirements for a stroller is that it must be light enough that it can be checked in when travelling but also sturdy enough to hold the weight of the baby.

We bought the Esprit Sun Plus 11 in black at Parkson, tHe Spring during Christmas Sale last year. We decided on this one because it's an umbrella stroller (it can be folded easily and packed at the back of the car or checked in at the airport) and the weight is roughly about 7 kg, so it's not too heavy to be carried around. For this one we saved RM180 (from the 20% discount that was being offered we saved RM100 and also RM80 from using Parkson Vouchers).

The second item that we bought was the Graco Pack n Play. We didn't get Esprit this time (we found the Esprit playpen to be slightly flimsy) because we wanted a playpen that could be used by the baby to sleep in the first few months (or if possible the first year) before upgrading the baby to a toddler bed. And another reason for having a playpen is because it's small enough to be included in our room (for us to keep an eye on the baby) and it's versatile enough to be packed and carried to wherever we want it to. We bought this at Poppies, tHe Spring during the recent Chinese New Year sale and saved RM100.

Knowing how reckless and dangerous drivers in Kuching can be (I've experienced and seen too many accidents on the road) made us decide that the baby would be safer in a car seat rather than on our laps. We decided on an Aldo convertible car seat that is able to accommodate newborns as well as toddlers thus we chose this one as it can recline (for newborns) and can be used up until the child is 4 years old. Got this on a sale from an online shop called Little Whiz and decided to visit the shop when we were in KL and save on shipping costs, so total savings for car seat RM105 (RM60 discount for the car seat itself and RM45 for shipping costs).

One thing that we did wrong in buying baby stuffs is assuming that baby cribs are manufactured with the same dimensions (I assure you, there are plenty of sizes to choose from) and also assuming that any mattress is able to fit your crib or playpen. It was quite difficult for me to find a mattress for our playpen (I had to survey 4 or 5 stores to finally be able to find one that fits) and by the time I found and bought one (from Anakku), apparently the one I bought was too thick for an infant *duh*. So I had to go out and buy another. Bought this Bumble bee latex mattress at Mummycare, One Jaya. No savings for this one (it was the last piece and considering that it would be more expensive if I bought it online; most online shops charge at least RM70 for shipping costs, I decided on buying it there and then). However, the best part about this mattress is that it has a 5 year warranty so I am definitely glad that I made the purchase.

Initially, I wasn't too concerned with the baby's pillow or mattress. I thought that the baby, being a baby, would be sleeping anywhere and everywhere he or she wants to. However, my opinion changed when I went to visit my friend Farhah who told me that her baby likes the latex pillow better than the normal cutesy baby pillow (that I also had planned to buy for my baby). That's when I decided on getting a latex pillow and mattress for the baby. Might as well go with something that the baby would like (hopefully) rather than having to buy another set of pillow and mattresses. This BabyLove latex pillow was the only latex infant pillow available at the store and I bought this at Sweet Babies (nearby KPJ, Stutong; it's an excellent store that sells baby products by the way) and saved about RM6 (the owner did say they were on sale) for the pillow.

The weird thing about me in buying baby gear is that I was really obsessive about the baby's diaper bag. I felt that the diaper bag would be a very important accessory to the baby (because it goes wherever the baby goes) and it's really important for me to make sure that I got the right bag (or else I'll just be looking for another one then another one then another one until I'm satisfied) and besides, if you really know me, you'd know that I'm the kind of person who likes bags and backpacks and luggage (I definitely have a bag fetish). For me, there are two conditions that must be met in getting a diaper bag: (1) it must not be too feminine for hubs to carry and (2) it must come with a changing mat (so that we could change the baby's diaper with comfort wherever we are). I finally found this Fisher Price diaper bag from which fits both my requirements and it also has a baby wipes window at the side of the bag (definitely an added bonus). I don't know the price of this bag at other stores so I assume no savings were made here.

I also bought a Fisher Price diaper caddy online from this Facebook store called BabyCute Collections. I bought it for its practicality (we live in a two-storey house and during confinement, a confinement lady will be helping out to tend to me and the baby; the baby will most probably be bathed downstairs rather than in our own bathroom), having a diaper caddy will help me bring only what the baby needs for its bath time and also for vanity reasons (this bag is super cute and cheerful). No savings earned for this one either as I don't know how much it'd cost if bought offline.

I bought both the Philips Avent Natural range breast pump and bottles at an online store called Little Kids during one of its sale promotions (the store seems to be having a promotion every month so don't worry if you've missed one). I initially wasn't sure on what to get but finally settled on Avent based on the feedback and reviews that were available online (that's not entirely true, I actually loved their Natural range advert and was convinced by the video review by moms in the UK). I have decided to settle on a manual pump as a way to assess how committed I am to breastfeeding once the baby is here and if I think that I'd be better off with an electric pump, then I'll make the upgrade when the time comes. Since there was a sale I'd saved RM120 on this one.

Bought the Philips Avent Natural range Newborn Starter Set during the same sale and also saved about RM120 on this one. However, I was informed by the doctor to exclusively breastfeed for the first two months or so (and not rely on the bottle if possible) so this is among the things that I'd wished I had asked the doctor first before buying. Since I have made the purchase, I guess I have to keep the bottles and use it when the time comes.

This is among one of the last gear that I bought, there was a special promotion for this Philips Avent 3-in-1 sterilizer at Metrojaya a few weeks ago and decided to go ahead and get the sterilizer (even though I'm not sure when I'll start using the bottles) and saved about RM70 for this one.

So, total savings on baby gear *drumroll please* RM701. And this is not inclusive of baby clothes (we haven't bought much because we're not sure how big the baby would be when he or she comes out), diapers, toiletries etc. We're hoping to start the baby on cloths diaper (optimistically hoping to save costs and help the environment in the long run) by the second month but we'll see how that goes (hopefully I'll be able to manage my time well enough so that I can accomplish cloth-diapering the baby).

If you're wondering about other gears like the baby bath tub, bath mat and waterproof mat for the mattress, disposable diapers, toiletries and all those baby stuff, we decided to get them from Teck Kong (arguably the cheapest departmental store in Kuching). The same brand being sold in Parkson is also available at Teck Kong at a cheaper price, so why not go to a store closer to home. For those who do not know where is Teck Kong, there are two stores in Kuching; one in Tabuan Jaya and another in Batu Kawa.

So far so good eh?

I only have a few more baby gears to go (one is the Philips Avent bottle warmer) which I haven't bought yet as my breastfeeding skills is something I'd like to establish first and maybe the milk storage cups (if I have milk to store that is).

So do you think I'm too ambitious? I have a feeling that you may be right so I'll promise to try my best and take it one day at a time. Baby steps to motherhood, right?

Leave me your comments, Mommies =).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Packing for the Hospital

Oh, hello there peeps!

I am now at almost 38 weeks (roughly two weeks away from my estimated due date) all ready and packed for the biggest adventure of my life (the birthing experience).

I have to confess, I've never slept in a hospital before. I am definitely a first-timer in so many things (more so in terms of childbirth) so as a reference to me (and many first time mommies out there) here's one of the items I've downloaded from babycenter to help me out with packing for the hospital.

Here's my bag (there's two bags obviously, one for me and another for the baby) and here's what I've packed:

1. Reading materials (just in case I have spare time to read or if my stay at the hospital is extended due to whatever reason).
2. Snacks (inclusive of a hot water container for my 3-in-1 sachets, the 3-in-1 sachets itself and a pack of biscuits).
3. Disposable diapers for the baby (about 6 diapers to be exact). I initially planned on using cloth diapers  but I figured that I might be too overwhelmed with adjusting to becoming a mommy, recuperating from childbirth, learning how to breastfeed and caring for the lil' one so I thought I'd leave the cloth diapering practice for when I get home.

And why only 6 diapers? Why not more? Why not less? Based on the advice that I've gathered from my mommy friends (and the net of course), you have to change the nappy once every 3 hours so having 6 diapers means that I have about 18 hours before I run out of nappies. Unless I'm scheduled for a caesarian, I think 18 hours should be enough for me before I check out of the hospital. 

4. Wet wipes for the baby's bum. I initially bought two huge packs of wet wipes so that I wouldn't run out of them and I even found a site that shows how to make homemade baby wipes (which I am so going to try out by the way) but I was told by another friend that newborn's bum can get rashes due to the chemical from wet wipes and was advised to use only water and cotton balls. So that's why I have the blue container and a packet of cotton balls in my diaper bag (to wipe the baby's bum during diaper changes). Apparently my wet wipes will have to wait til the baby is bigger (maybe in the 2nd or 3rd month I suppose).
5. Clothes for the mum (one for the overnight stay and another for going home).
6. Toiletries for mum
7. Sanitary pads for the mum (I also packed six pads, planning to change the pads every 3 hours or so).
8. Ginger cream and hot water bottle to keep the tummy warm (just in case). But this might not be necessary if I have a caesarian (will have to ask the doc first).
9. Baby clothes, mittens, cap and socks (two pairs for each) and a receiving blanket.
10. Gadgets (iPad and iPhone).

And other alternative items that I've packed:
11. Baby oil (for hubs to massage me with when the pain gets unbearable prior to labor); and
12. Aromatherapy scents to help me relax prior to labor.
13. Birth plan (as agreed between me and doc). This is more for hubs rather than doc/ nurses for I fear hubs might get confused as to what's happening during labor.
14. Air selusuh (a traditional Malay drink that is believed to help speed up the labor process, usually provided by a traditional Malay midwife).

Here's some of the cutesy baby outfits that we've packed for the baby. Seriously, baby stuff are so cute! 

Do let me know if I've left out any other important items that I need for my stay at the hospital. 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista