To Be

And the 30 things that I want to be before I die are (psst, it's also included in the same chapter in the book by Jack Canfield):

1. A wife

2. A mother

3. A good (read: reliable) friend

4. A business-owner (a successful one that is)

5. A motivational speaker

6. A professor

7. A PhD graduate

8. An expert in my own field

9. A traveler (okay, this one I can safely cross out as I have traveled to so many places, but then again, there are plenty more that I haven't been too, so I'm keeping this here).

This is fun! I seriously feel like I'm in first grade where the teacher asks me who I want to be and I'd be, 'I want to be a singer or an actor or a stewardess!'

Let's see if I can think of anymore things that I want to be *wink*.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista