Monday, May 28, 2012

Halal Food in Paris

Before leaving for Paris, I was a little bit apprehensive. I initially though that it would be difficult to find halal food in Paris and I'd have to resort to eating croissants and french bread (not that I mind actually because they're delicious) but truth be told, it is actually not that difficult to look for halal food in Paris.

We stayed near Anvers (one of the Metro stations), and our place, Le Regent Montmartre is like a stone's throw away from Anvers station (like literally a stone's throw away, you can throw a stone from Le Regent Montmartre and it would hit the stairs leading to the station).

And here we are, at Anvers.

So we're staying at the Montmartre area and when I looked up in, it seems that the nearest halal outlet is about 1.6 km away (that was one of the reasons why I was apprehensive, really). So when we settled down for the night at Le Regent, we decided to ask the guy at the lobby on where the nearest halal food outlet (fully expecting him to not understand the word halal but boy was I so wrong). He told me it's just around the corner. And the best thing is, he told me that there's plenty of halal food outlets just along Bd de Rochechouart (the name of the road at Anvers station, if you don't know by the way).

Here are some photos:

One of the halal outlets as we were walking along Bd de Rochechouart. It's closed because we were walking at 7 in the morning. Most shops open at around 10 am onwards.

Here's another halal outlet along Bd de Rochechouart. If I'm not mistaken the road next to this shop leads you up to the Sacré-Cœur (or known as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart).

And here's another halal outlet along Bd de Rochechouart.

This is Mosquee al Fath. The nearest mosque to Le Regent. It's located at Rue Polonceau, off Bd Barbes (not far from the Metro station Barbes-Rochechouart). There's also a number of halal outlets along this road. The easiest way to look for halal outlets is actually to look for mosques, there's bound to be a halal outlet nearby.

This is the Great Mosque of Paris (Grande Mosquee de Paris). I can't remember exactly where's it located but you may want to click [here] for more info on the mosque. Oh, there's a halal eatery just around the corner.

And other than Anvers, this one is right opposite of Gare du Nord. So, if you're from London (like I was) you'd be arriving at Gare du Nord station. This shop is right opposite of Gare Du Nord's main entrance. How easy is that, right?

Actually it's not that difficult to find halal food in Paris. There's plenty of Muslims reciding in Paris (many of them are from Morocco). So, it's not difficult. Learning french is more difficult (I think).

For easy reference, you may want to check out my Facebook page [here], the halal guides are included in my photo albums complete with the restaurant's address (or the very least, directions on how to get there).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista


  1. Getting halal food is really easy in paris. Even in the big supermarkets like Franprix, there are halal meat sections. I've been living in Paris for 1 1/2 years and I still haven't found good malay food. If you hear of any, post it up! I have a hankering for ayam masak merah this winter....

  2. Who do you travel with and how do you cover the cost of your travels?

    1. Hi, usually I travel with my brother or my husband. At least 2 or 3 persons per travel. I plan early, i.e. book my flight tickets and accommodation at least a few months before and the rest I"ll just wing it as I arrive at the destination =)

  3. hi, if i want easy access to halal food, whr wld u suggest i stay? which area or so? thanks.

  4. Thank u for the info as i will be going to paris on March this yr.. this will be very helpful.. thank u again.. =))

  5. Mem..It is surprisingly easy to find halal food friend was really glad..and chocolate die for!
    Wish I visit the city again someday.

  6. Dear Fareiny, sorry for the 'intrusion' in your blog, can't help but looking at your post about halal in Paris, I know there are many halal restaurants in this 'romantic' city. I have not been to paris since summer '97 (that was 16 years back!), and am looking forward for next month's visit. Last time me & friends visited a host of restaurants along side one small road around Strasbourg-St Denis area. It was full of arabic restaurants and we really enjoyed our meals back then. Wonder now is still there. Anyway, thanks for the tips especially the kebab one opposite Gare du Nord, as I will be coming from London then. Merci!!

  7. I live near Paris and there are hundreds of take away/kebab type restaurants dotted around the city that sell halal food. In 2010 the burger chain Quick (2nd largest in France) opened 8 halal restaurants in France, though those outlets still sell beer apparently.

    My local Japanese restaurant sells halal food so you don't have to be restricted to just Arabic or Asian food.

  8. Is there a uptodate website for Paris and Switzerlnd Halal food places , I founfd info a bit dated


  9. Actually I found a very good website for France

    bon apetit

  10. thank your for great post

    love from UK

  11. Hi Fareiny,

    I am planning for Paris inshaAllah. So could you gauge on how much does it cost in total for 2pax on general an basic needs and expenses so far?

    Thanks in advance
    Dila ;)

    1. Salam,

      I don't dare to say how much per day per person because all in all it depends on where you are going (the places that you are visiting, some of them might impose entrance charges), how do you get there (via the metro, cab, bus etc) and where you'll be eating. However, may I suggest you use Les Car Rouges (the red bus) as one ticket provides you with two days worth of transportation to Paris's tourist spots and you can just leave the bus and get on at any time you want. So, roughly perhaps a minimum of at least EUR30 - EUR50 per day inclusive of food and transportation.