Sunday, March 27, 2011

Malaysian Theater Review: Lat Kampung Boy The Musical

I was looking forward to this theatre all week. Nope, actually I'm lying. I have been looking forward to this theatre since I bought the tickets the week before. Work has been super-hectic and I really, really need a break. About work, I'll fill you up in another post. Now the good stuff =)

Psst: I've always wanted to do a style blog (like my buddy Sherry @ Sherry Says) and share on what I wear so here goes:
White men-shirt - Esprit
Elastic Black belt - MNG
Dark maroon Pants - Nicole
Navy blue Ballerina flats - Nike
Graffiti-styled Handbag - Coach Poppy
Bracelet-styled watch - Marc Jacobs
Loud pink shawl with rainbow striped edges - bought this at a boutique in PKNS, Shah Alam
(I think I managed to hide my not-so-flat tummies with the help of the huge belt, phew!)

I heard about the theatre from a colleague who went for a weekend stay to KL. She had bought her tickets when she heard the hunky Hans Isaac was co-directing the play alongside with Harith Iskander. Knowing me and my love for arts, I decided that I too must watch Lat.

So I purchased the tickets, then my flight tickets and off I went. Istana Budaya, here I come!!

The play is about the life of Mohamad Nor Khalid or better known as Lat, Malaysian's world-famous cartoonist. Awie plays the more mature Lat and the wife is played by Atillia. Both performed superbly well. The play was an absolute fun play to watch. I truly loved the introduction, Lat running away from his mom and of course the other part when Lat was courting his wife (Junaidah) also tickled my funny bones. The story-line was good, it had happy parts (Cikgu Hew is so adorable), parts that touched my heart (I cried a bit when Lat received his first pay-check from his first published comic) there were also sad parts (his father died and of course his marital woes with Junaidah as he had to be away from the family so often).

Congratulations to both Hans Isaac and Harith Iskander for their excellent work as directors and of course, the cast are also equally superb. You can expect to see Awie, Atillia, Jalil Hamid, and Douglas Lim among the cast. Great performance from all. Keep up the good work!

Am looking forward to the next theater. Let's see what's in the Malaysian Arts Scene shall we? And if you're interested, do log on to to check out the latest plays and shows.

p/s: Did I tell you that the play is accompanied by a live orchestra?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Rent

If you must know, my house is now available for rent.

Oops, I never mentioned that I have a house didn't I? Well, I do. I've had it since a few years back and since I've bought it, it has been rented. I've never really thought on staying there though. The comforts of my own home (family home, that is) is too good for me to move out on *cheeky grin*.

Previously it has been rented by a small family for almost three years. A few weeks ago, my tenant called up to say they're moving. So peeps, my house is available for rent, and should anyone be interested, these are the details of the house:

Single-storey terrace corner, three bedroom with one toilet and a shower room. Location: Taman Samarindah, Kota Samarahan (entrance via the road to Serian, if you're from Bulatan Datuk Mohd Musa). It's about 2 minutes drive to UNIMAS and 5 minutes drive to UiTM. The car porch can comfortably fit one car. And this is how it looks like:

There's huge space by the side of the house (it is a corner house) for kids to run about. The interior of the house is very cool (despite the humid weather that we're prone to experiencing). This I know because when I first bought the house, I had to stay all day at the house to supervise the grillwork being done on the house. The neighbor to the right is Uncle Roland. The one to the left, I am unsure of the name though. When I bought the house, they haven't moved in yet. I think it's important to know thy neighbors. They'll be the first to alert you should there be any mischievous looking people lurking around (just in case).

Will be doing a lil' renovation (to spruce up the fences) in May so the house should be habitable by June. So, if anyone's interested, I can be contacted at

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Malay Wedding: Zaty and Zack's Wedding Reception, 13 March 2011

Malay weddings are usually a two-day affair. The first day is the solemnization ceremony or which we call Akad Nikah and then followed by the next day, which is the wedding reception. Some Malay weddings even incorporate Majlis Khatamal Al-Quran, which is basically a small ceremony to indicate that a child (usually it is a group of children) have completed their recitation of the Quran. Majlis Khatamal Al-Quran is usually held first (as early as 9 am) then followed by the wedding reception.

Mind you, this is also a photo-blog so do enjoy the photos =)
The entourage of reciters. All are my cousins (small as they may seem). They are six of them. So, congratulations cuz on completing your recitations! *yeay*

The reciters up close. Make up is by Abiey Saloon. My sister-in-law who did my make up during my Majlis Bertekul. Don't they look super pretty?
The super-cheeky flower girl
A gossip session in progress
Zaty's grandmothers (from both the father's side and the mother's side)

The first dress, a red kebaya
The happy bride =)
With Zaty's parents.

With her siblings and parents.

At the groom's home.

With the groom's family.
This was taken by my mum. Lovely photo. Thanks mum!
Til the next blog, enjoy your week peeps!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Malay Wedding: Zaty and Zack's Solemnization Ceremony, 12 April 2011

Have been looking forward to Zaty's wedding cause it's the first wedding for our family this year. Another reason that I've been looking forward to it is due to the fact that I can learn a few pointers from this wedding so that I can incorporate in my own. Gosh, planning a wedding is certainly no easy feat! And here I was thinking that it would be a bed of roses. Little did I know, my bed of roses seems to be filled with thorns (and those tales I will share with y'all later) but let me share the happy news of my cousin's wedding and due to that, I've decided that this will be a pictorial blog. So stare as you like, and I'm not imposing any peeking fees either. Besides, it is certainly a great way for me to practice my photography =).

The wedding dais. This is actually how the actual traditional wedding dais looks like. The more modern ones nowadays use sofas and impressive huge bulky but truly expensive Swarovsky encrusted thrones.

Alat Merenjis. Elder family members will bless both bride and groom to wish them a happy and lasting marriage.
Wedding rings. An absolute must-have! Can't get married without 'em.

Zaty's hand bouquet. Lovely =)
Wedding favors.

The bedroom. In Malay weddings, it is customary for the bride to decorate the couples bedroom. I think their's looked real fancy =)

It ain't easy becoming a blushing bride. Apparently, the blush has to be put there (as most blushing brides would know)
What's happening downstairs while the bride is in hair and makeup.
Father of the bride.
The Akad. The handshake that symbolizes giving away the bride to the groom in marriage.
Lafaz. The groom verbalizing his wedding vows.
The bride.
And they're official! Words of prayer to Allah asking for blessing in the union between the bride and the groom.
I thee wed. Bride's wedding band.
And this is the groom's.
This is the part where the bride submits and acknowledges that she must love, respect and obey the husband and also honour their union.
You may now kiss the bride.
Once the solemnization is over, Zaty went off for an outfit change and posed for the camera.

To Zaty and Zack, I wish you a long and happy marriage, filled with laughter, happiness and many cutesy and lovable kids. God bless.
To weddings and happy endings, peeps! Cheerio!

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