Monday, March 21, 2011

Malay Wedding: Zaty and Zack's Wedding Reception, 13 March 2011

Malay weddings are usually a two-day affair. The first day is the solemnization ceremony or which we call Akad Nikah and then followed by the next day, which is the wedding reception. Some Malay weddings even incorporate Majlis Khatamal Al-Quran, which is basically a small ceremony to indicate that a child (usually it is a group of children) have completed their recitation of the Quran. Majlis Khatamal Al-Quran is usually held first (as early as 9 am) then followed by the wedding reception.

Mind you, this is also a photo-blog so do enjoy the photos =)
The entourage of reciters. All are my cousins (small as they may seem). They are six of them. So, congratulations cuz on completing your recitations! *yeay*

The reciters up close. Make up is by Abiey Saloon. My sister-in-law who did my make up during my Majlis Bertekul. Don't they look super pretty?
The super-cheeky flower girl
A gossip session in progress
Zaty's grandmothers (from both the father's side and the mother's side)

The first dress, a red kebaya
The happy bride =)
With Zaty's parents.

With her siblings and parents.

At the groom's home.

With the groom's family.
This was taken by my mum. Lovely photo. Thanks mum!
Til the next blog, enjoy your week peeps!

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