To Have

Not enough with the to do list (an activity taken from the book, How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield), we're also asked to make a To Have list. Being the good sport that I am, here's my to have list:

1. Happy family (some people take their family for granted and that will not be me. My priority, now that I'm married, family comes first).

2. My own website. I am thinking very, very hard about this and I do think that I want to evolve my blog into its own site. Maybe soon =).

3. Kids. My own kids. Maybe four, perhaps? Let the Almighty decide for me.

And that is all. We're supposed to make 30 to have list but I discover that I am a person with very little wants. This list will be updated in due time, I promise.

To getting what you want.

xoxo Fareiny

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