Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Birth that wasn't Planned

In my previous post I did mention that I've prepared a birth plan, right? So this is what actually happened during the birth of my first child...

She (it's a girl by the way) was supposed to be due on the 27th of May and with much anticipation and trepidation we made our way to the hospital (complete with our two overnight bags and baby car seat installed in the car). Met the doctor about two hours later and was informed that my cervix has already dilated by about 3 cm, and since the baby's heartbeat and movements are strong, she told me to go back home and come again within two days (hoping that the baby will be ready to be delivered by then). Before leaving the hospital, the doctor did a stretch and sweep to artificially stimulate the birthing process.

We went back to the hospital on the 29th of May at 11 am, checked into the labor ward and the doctor proceeded to check the dilation of my cervix. Still 3 cm, there's no indication of me going into labor for the past 2 days (even though I tried my hardest to walk up and down the stairs and everywhere but the baby is maybe just not ready to come out yet). So the doctor proceeded to break my amniotic sac so that we can proceed to the next stage of delivery. At 2.30 pm, I was brought to the labor room and connected intravenously to Pitocin, in an effort to start contractions (to which I had only been feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions so far).

I only started feeling contractions by 5 pm. It wasn't strong at first, and since I already had a birth plan ready, the doctor readied ethonox and the midwife showed me how to use it. By half an hour the contractions were getting stronger. I suddenly got the urge to pee (I get that sometimes especially when I'm nervous) so I asked if it's possible for me to go to the loo. At that time I was already lying on my back in the labor room, with Pitocin being dripped intravenously through my left hand (this means that it would be difficult for me to go to the loo). The nurse then supplied me with a bedpan and asked me to pee into it (while lying down). I swear that it is the most humiliating experience I've ever had to endure in my entire life. They (the nurse, doctor and mister hubby) left the room so that I can conduct my business in private. I tried peeing (while lying down, mind you) and was successful (I did manage to pee but it was definitely difficult). Five minutes later, the nurse, doctor and husband came back into the labor room.

The pain started getting worse (I'm sure those who've gone through induction before would be able to relate to what I'm experiencing) so I started using Ethonox as a way to alleviate the pain. About 45 minutes later I gave up and requested for an epidural. The epidural was injected about half an hour later and I stopped feeling contraction pains (well, it didn't really blocked out the whole thing but at least it wasn't as painful). By this time, my cervix had already dilated to 5 cm.

At around 7.30 pm, the doctor noticed that the baby's heartbeat was getting weaker and weaker. She told me that she's optimistic that my cervix will be fully dilated in about 2 - 3 hours but the possibility of normal birth would also have to be dependent on the baby's heartbeat. If her heartbeat's too low, we wouldn't be able to wait for the cervix to fully dilate, we'd have to immediately go for emergency caesarian. At this moment, I knew that the life of my baby would be of utmost importance to me and told the doctor to proceed with whatever is best for the baby.

I was wheeled off to the operation theatre by 8 pm.

There was a flutter of activity around me (I didn't know what was happening as my view was blocked by a sheet of cloth); what I remember most is that the room was extremely cold (my body was shivering due to the cold and my teeth was chattering). The doctor and all the attendees was swift in doing their job and baby Alexa came into this world at 8.40 pm.

So, things didn't go the way that I planned and truth be told, I was extremely disappointed that I didn't have a normal birthing experience. The experience that I had undergone left me traumatic (at first). During the first few days post delivery I even thought that I wouldn't want to undergo labor again (that thought have changed now that I've had to experience motherhood, I'm looking forward to having more in the future).

Now that I'm in confinement, in retrospect, I do feel that maybe I was destined for a caesarian.  Although the pain (post operation) was rather unbearable on the first day but I managed to start walking (well waddling like a penguin at least) the next morning by 11 am (after they've removed the IV and catheter. Walking was difficult, peeing/ going to the loo was awkward (I felt like I've lost my ability to control my pee), and the feeling of living with a scar is definitely not what I signed up for.

I'm recuperating nicely, by the way. I kinda felt a whole lot better since I checked out of the hospital (at Day 4) and by Day 8, the thought of a c-section is insignificant compared to the precious gift that I have been blessed with.

Here's baby Alexa at 2 hours old. Oh, by the way, her name is Raden Alexa Iqlima. Raden is hub's lineage so we had to retain that name; she's named after Alexa Chung and Iqlima is the name of the daughter of our first Prophet, Adam a.s.

I'm definitely loving motherhood, it's tiring and demanding, but definitely satisfying. We are definitely blessed. And I can't wait to share my reviews on the baby and mommy products that I've bought (and used) and also what I've learnt as a mother.

Toodles peeps!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista