Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fashionista Mommy Adventures: Apps for the Baby

As a frazzled first time mommy (yes, sleepless nights have made irregular scheduled appearances in my life and I have yet to get accustomed to them), I have learnt to rely on applications in my iPhone to help me make sense of the routine (or non-routine behavior that my child is exhibiting). Here are some apps that I find helpful:

1. WebMD Baby App

I was recommended this app by my friend Farhah. I am really thankful that she gave birth earlier than me, she's been continuously giving me useful pointers and tips on baby care. This app is simply amazing. It helps me to keep track of the baby's feedings, diaper change and sleeping times which is really helpful. I use this app daily to keep track of the baby's feeding (so that I don't overfeed her), diaper change (so that I know when to change them before the baby cries because her diaper is soaked to the max) and track her sleeping time (a newborn needs about 17 hours of sleep a day, so sometimes she might get grumpy simply because she's sleepy and hasn't had enough sleep).

Because of this app, I can actually gauge the baby's sleeping schedule (so usually I'd prepare to wake her up when I know she's supposed to feed, wants a diaper change or whatever) and this actually makes me understand why she cries (initially the first thought has always been, she's hungry, but most of the time, that is not the case). Besides that, the app also has a BabyBook feature where you can upload your baby's progress (via photos), Growth (to measure the baby's height, weight and head circumference), and a Notepad (for you to jot down notes or things that you need to remember). The app is also filled with information that first time mommies might want to read on, like crying and colic, or what to expect after a c-section (and the list goes on).

2. Baby Ears

Here's another app that was also recommended by Farhah. This app actually helps you to distinguish between the different cries that a baby makes and once you're able to discern the different cries, you can actually know whether the baby is hungry, wants to be burped, is not comfortable, sleepy or gassy. So far I've been able to distinguish the hungry and gassy part (simply because that's the most often sounds that my baby makes) but unfortunately I haven't been able to distinguish the other sounds. To know more about the app, click [here].

3. The Wonder Weeks

Here's an app that was recommended to me by my friend Remus (she's another great mommy that's been really supportive and helpful). This app actually explains the different growth stages that a baby goes through and it explains the growth spurts that your baby is experiencing (which explains why the baby is crying for no reason sometimes). The app shows the leaps that a baby experiences at different weeks and it also comes with a chart that chronologies the sunshines (good times) and thunderclouds (expect loud screams and unconsolable wails) from age 0 until week 84. The app comes with a book (that I've been meaning to buy but it's currently out of stock at MPH) that explains more on the growth stages that a baby goes through. To know more about the wonder weeks, you can go right to their website [here].

(This entry below is added and updated on the 4th of August 2013)

4. Breastmilk. Every Ounce Counts.

I've used this app for a while now to track my pumping sessions. Unfortunately as of the time I'm writing this, I couldn't find any website for this app so I am unable to link you to any website but this app is definitely available in the App Store. What I do is first I set my session by selecting which breast (or both breasts) that I'm pumping from and then click Begin to start the timer. Once I am done with pumping, I'll just click End to stop the timer. After that, I'll just enter the quantity that I have collected in the Notes section.

What I love about this app is that I am able to track how long I pump (usually I pump longer when I feel that there is more let down or when I have time and is relaxed) and what is my pumping output. Since using this app, I have managed to track my pumping achievement from only 5 ml (unfortunately this was due to  me stopping my pumping activities for five days) to roughly about 80 ml per breast two months later.

I'll update this post once I find more apps that I find to be useful. Or you can share with me other apps that you find useful or have helped made your life easier.

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