Monday, January 2, 2012

Halal Food in Bangkok

When I first thought of following Raden to Bangkok, my first thought was, 'Would it be difficult to look for halal food?' Definitely having travelled to a few places (like Macau which only had ONE halal outlet) it can be quite daunting to plan your itinerary. I remember us being ravenously hungry looking for a halal eatery near the entrance of the Great Wall of China and finally consenting to eat at a vegetarian outlet or the time we resorted to eating fillet o fish at McDonalds in Manila (fyi, McDonalds uses vegetable oil to fry their patties and if they're no pork served at that outlet, you should be fairly safe in eating the fries, apple pies and fillet o fish).

A mosque that we passed by while in Pattaya

So this time, I decided that since hubby had already been there, I'll just follow his lead. Luckily we had some amazing people who helped us in selecting and looking for halal eateries.

First up, Sophia restaurant.

The restaurant serves halal Thai food (which is absolutely delicious) at an amazingly low price. Though I don't mean downright cheap but definitely a steal at the price that they're selling. If you're ever in Bangkok and you stay not too far from the airport (like us) you might want to check out the restaurant. Their website is [here].

Shopping District: Siam Paragon, MBK, Siam Square etc etc

If you're a shopper (like me) you might be thinking about heading to the shopping district and checking out the goods on display there. What I loved about these places is that almost every shopping complex have at least one halal outlet (most of them have more). This is what we found at MBK (MahBoonKrong):

Basically there are about four halal outlets (maybe more, but I'm not too sure) that we noticed. It's located at the fifth floor food court whose theme is International Cuisine (or something of the sort). You can choose from authentic Thai, Arabic or even Indonesian. Verdict: delicious but slightly pricey compared to Sophia.

MBK is accessible via BTS and MRT. Stop at the National Stadium station (you might have to interchange if you're using BTS) and there's a bridge connecting the station to MBK. You won't get lost if you just follow the signs *duh*.

From the National Stadium Station.

You're almost there!

Chatuchak Market

Bangkok's biggest outdoor market (or Pasar as we Malaysians call them). I initially thought that it'd be difficult to find halal food here, being a pasar and all, but I can't be more wrong. There's tons of halal stalls spattered all over Chatuchak.

I recommend the Chicken Murtabak. Yummy!

Had beef kebab here. Notice the halal sign near the man's leg?

Another halal stall selling umm.. if you can read Thai maybe you can let me know =)

Having grown in Kuching, I absolutely love warung and food stalls as they (most of the time) serve the best foods in town. And it's the same in Chatuchak. The murtabak I had tasted better than the ones I had in mamak stalls and the beef kebab is absolutely tender and juicy. Verdict: Yummy with prices in the moderate range. I still think Sophia restaurant serves the best priced food!

Getting to Chatuchak is easy, there's a Chatuchak Weekend Market station =).

I've also found this amazing blog from a fellow Muslim Thai on halal outlets in Thailand (which was very, very useful to me when we were in Pattaya). You may want to check her out: Lynn [click here]. She has halal food info on almost everywhere in Thailand.

Another helpful guide (which was really really helpful when we were in Manila, Macau and Hong Kong) is It's an online halal food directory for places all over the world. Without Zabihah, I won't know where to eat in Macau *yikes*. The website is [here]. Unfortunately, I don't think the website is updated often so the listings may be slightly out of date.

For those looking forward to a holiday in Bangkok, have a great stay and make sure you get to taste the local tom yum. You won't regret it! Warning: Not advisable for those who can't stand spicy food.

For easy reference, you may want to check out my Facebook page [here], the halal guides are included in my photo albums complete with the restaurant's address (or the very least, directions on how to get there).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista