Sunday, January 22, 2012

Malay Wedding: Sharina and Ghaddafie's Wedding Reception

From a wedding at Fourpoints on Saturday night, we went to another wedding at Dewan Majlis Islam on Sunday morning. For those who are not familiar with Malay weddings, the solemnization ceremony is commonly done either on Friday or Saturday afternoon and the wedding reception is normally done on Saturday or Sunday morning. Why? Because it's more convenient that way, it's between Subuh and Zohor prayers and thus there's more time for us to relax and enjoy the ceremony. 

This wedding is between Sharina and Ghaddafie, best friends turned lovers =). This wedding is hosted by Ghaddafie for his family and friends while Sharina's ceremony was held the week before (sadly I couldn't attend that one as I had to work on Sunday last week). For those who are looking for wedding ideas, here's a photoblog of the wedding:

The wedding dais. I love red against white. The color theme is red, white and silver. Even the family members were wearing bright red outfits. I wonder if it has any connection with the fact that the Chinese New Year is just a day away...

Garden themed pelamin. The chandelier was hung from the ceiling of the hall. I love how the red and white flowers really stand out from the background, and even from the white and silver frames. If you're wondering who made the pelamin, I have no idea. Will have to ask the newlyweds themselves if you're thinking of getting the same person. 

Bride's family. You can see the crowd waiting patiently for the newlyweds to arrive. 

The groom, stealing a peak at his beautiful wife. Sweet! =)

Ghaddafie and Sharina, a beautiful looking couple. May you be blessed with years of happiness and may your marriage be filled with love and laughter *ameen*. 

A quick pose with the bride and groom. Congratulations to the both of you!

Spotted at the wedding:

Harris's sisters cool mama. Aunty Jijot =). Ladies (Eim, Dila and Bed) if you're wondering 'bout Mok, she was seated at the next table, that's why she's not in the photo, otherwise, we'd have a threesome *haha*. If you're wondering 'bout my shiny headgear, it's actually a gold Mandy headband from Sereni & Shentel (I'm vain that way, I know).

Hubs and his bestie, Pyan.

Met Aunty Nadziah, but her son was not in attendance. Ngandor ka Nazar? Hihi =)

Me and hubs

Congratulations to the both of you. There was an acoustic band performing during the wedding and they sound wonderful! The voice was absolutely melodic and the strums of their guitar... Well, I absolutely loved their performance. I didn't take any photos of the band unfortunately but I really must say, great band indeed.

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To love and weddings.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

Ops, I almost forgot, my outfit to the wedding: Black shawl embedded with white stones from Butik Alia Collection at Satok, gold Mandy from Sereni & Shentel, chain watch from Armani Exchange, custom made pink satin kaftan and pink and gray striped tote by Guess

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