Friday, January 20, 2012

Farewell Sephora

And her name sounds just like the make-up store Sephora right? But she is not a store, she is a real-life person (if she was a store, she wouldn't be here *duh*). We had a farewell dinner for Sephora tonight, she's leaving us by next week for Sarawak Energy, right after Chinese New Year. Mum has numerous RA's (research assistants); they help her do things, like research, or video recording, or editing etc etc. Sephora is her third one (I think) but the forth one to leave (see, I told you that my mum has lots of RAs). Here's a photoblog of our farewell dinner:

The food. What is a farewell party without glorious food? What more to say in Kuching where the common hobby would be eating and more eating. 

We had our farewell dinner at Topspot, Kuching's most famous seafood hub. If you're new to Kuching or have heard of Topspot, we would like to recommend you Stall no 25 (all the seafood stalls are at the top most level by the way); they serve you delicious seafood but at a cheaper price as compared to ABC or better known to most of us as Ah Seng (which is right next to Stall No 25 and equally famous for their yummylicious seafood).

This is called Oyster Pancake. Crunchy at the top and with oysters at the bottom. It is usually accompanied by a very salty thin sauce (in the orange bowl) but it's actually yummy eaten with or without the sauce. 

Steamed fish. I think we ordered about seven dishes (excluding rice) tonight and if you're wondering why I've gotten fat, well, you've finally found the cause.

This is Sephora. She even gave a present to Mum! How come I think it should be the other way around? Hmm.. Anyway, thanks Sephora! It's exactly what she needed! She has been looking for it all over town and claims that all the stores have been sold out. 

Mum, Sephora, Apple and Jaja. Say Cheese! 

Jaja, Apple and Sephora. BFFs, I suppose?

Mom and her entourage. They all used to be in the same office. Could you imagine what a racket it would be if they're all together? Haha! I could! I've seen them in together *grin*.

Mum even brought along her PA students. PA stands for Academic Advisor (Penasihat Akademik) and all lecturers are required to kinda mentor a group of students and thus be called a PA. Mum has around 13 students under her whom she'll have to advise. 

Hope everyone had a great dinner, I know I did =). Judging by the happy faces, I think everyone's sated *happy sigh*. Absolute yum!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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