Monday, January 16, 2012

Promotions! Promotions!

In this day and age, don't you feel like you're being bombarded with promotions and adverts? There's so many people selling stuff that you don't know what you want anymore. Going shopping is looking like; there's a sale, let's go there and splurge on something, anything, as long as it's on sale *yikes*.

Anyhow, since I've been officially appointed as the consultant for Abiey salon, I've been cooking up a few promotions that I think people would like. The first one was the CNY promotion, which is doing very, very well I must say so myself. So far, we have an average of at the minimum one or two customers coming in and asking for the promotion *hurrah* (smug pat on the back).

I've come up with another two promotions. let's see if you like these two:

A CNY makeover! Who would love to be pretty, hot and tempting (PHAT) right? I always love dressing up and there's not that many occasions for us to do that. So, why not treat yourself to a makeover do and we'll turn you into the super hot lady that you truly are. After all, the best time to be properly glammed up is during the festive season. It's easier to meet and make an impression with the blokes too =).

Our Make Up Packages for 2012. The prices are valid for this year's booking. We provide make up and hair do services to all ladies for various functions (i.e. dinner parties, engagements, weddings etc etc). A bloke commented, why the different prices, after all, it's basically almost the same thing; hair and make up. Now, let me explain. A dinner make up and hair do is usually very light and therefore, less make up and simpler do, thus cheapest of them all. An engagement make up and hair do has to be slightly thicker (because most engagements nowadays include photo shoots and engagement dais; being under the spot lights and such), thus more prep is needed to ensure that you'll look picture perfect for your engagements. Some couples even have outdoor photo shoots for their make up! A solemnization and wedding dinner make up needs more preparation and as I've explained, making sure that your make up is picture perfect and your 'do stays in place for at least four hours is no easy feat! Thus, slightly more expensive in price. Oh, I almost forgot, other than the dinner make up and 'do, all other packages include falsies (read: false eyelashes).

The salon only offer hair and make up. Some might ask, do we offer bridal gowns and such? So far, no. Besides, most brides-to-be prefer custom made one-of-a-kind dresses, so why not make the dress that you've always dreamed off and let is do your face paint and do' =).

Oh, I almost forgot, the make up that will be used is a combo of Stage, The Office and Elianto.

To being beautiful, inside and outside; and against overpriced wedding vendors (no bride should be overcharged for their weddings, really).


xo Mrs Fashionista

Ps: If you want to see Abiey's handiwork, like us on Facebook: Abiey Salon and if you've seen my engagement, white studio and solemnization ceremony photos, make up was by Abiey herself =).

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