Monday, December 5, 2011

Malay Wedding: My wedding solemnization ceremony

Had dinner with Ise and his beautiful girlfriend, Azia last night. He passed me photos from the wedding. Wow! Can't wait to share with ya'll... So, here are the photos taken from my solemnization ceremony.

Pelamin. Thank you to Azreen for her creative design. If you like her, she has a [facebook page] with all her pelamin collections and a [blog]. I totally love the color combination that she picked for us. Not forgetting Mudin, our 'bidan terjun' interior decorator along with SIDMA Sabah team for the wall coverings and meja hantaran covering. As they say, gorgeous =).

The view from in front of the house (which I wasn't able to enjoy actually).

Swee Kang Ais Kacang. Everyone's favorite!! The bride unashamedly had TWO (2) cups *gosh*.

Laksa Sarawak by Oten Cafe. Why the loads of food stalls? We wanted our wedding day to be different and since we both love food, this is the best way to share our love with everyone. Didn't manage to had any of these though, sold out before the ceremony was over. Glad everyone liked it =) 

Another Sarawakian specialty, Mee Kolok. The reason for the many Sarawakian food is because we had family coming over from Brunei and Sabah, and they all requested local dishes. Some of my friends even admitted to having two bowls of Mee Kolok!

Some of the wedding gifts from me. Thank you to Kak Siti for the beautiful hantaran design and a big hug to my sis Nisah for helping me out at the florist =).

His favorite football team jacket. Let's hope he gets to see his favorite football team live in the stadium next year *amin*.

Sejadah from Mekah. Thank you, Usu Jue *hugs*.

The groom was all smiles. I thought he'd be having wedding jitters but looking the the grin on his face, I think not.

The groom flanked by his mother and father.

Me on the wedding dais. Thank you to Has on the tudung tips and style, Bonnie for being the bridesmaid and Abiey for the make up.

Watikah perkahwinan, I guess?

Mas kahwin.

Wedding ring (that fits). With my finger size, it's sooooo hard to get a ring my size.

Thank you to both our uncles for the opening. As usual, Malay traditions are often filled with pantuns and bahasa that might require someone with more experience to handle.

Wang hantaran. As an avid CWA member, I asked not for cash but for cash invested in unit trust fund. By this time, it's already profiting *yeay*.

Wedding bouquet, a gift from my bestie, Dr. Nano. Thank you, dear *hugs*.

Me without glasses (and also without contact lenses). Suffice to say, no one got injured that day *phew*.

The start of the solemnization ceremony. On the left (in blue) we have my uncles as saksi and on the right (in cream) we have Raden's uncles. In the middle (in red) is the Imam from Masjid BDC and next to him (in blue) is my dad who is also the kadi =). Love you lots, Daddy!

The groom, all smiles. Can't believe the boy that I've known since 13 would later be my husband, but fate always has a way of turning things to be the way you least expect them to be.

The I do's...

Post I do's. Thank you to Kak Ratna and Has for huge help in helping me trim of the wobbles and jingles.

Will be posting more photos soon peeps! Apparently there are too much for me to choose from. Credit to Ise, the photos are absolutely great!!! =)

If you like his work, you can have a look see of his work at his blog:

Lots of love peeps!

xo The Happy Mrs Fashionista

Ps: Am looking forward to a weekend getaway this weekend with my beloved husband. If you're wondering about a honeymoon, am not going on one so soon as the semester is still on and no holiday for us. God willing, the actual honeymoon will most probably take place by the end of January next year. In the meanwhile, will be having two separate mini weekend getaways with Mr Raden =).