Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Malay Wedding: My Wedding Solemnization Video

We had our wedding story and solemnization video done by Fazli Taufek, and here's the video.

Or  alternatively, here's the [link]. For those who came, thank you for sharing my day and for those who couldn't, I'm touched by your wonderful wedding wishes.

The wedding story was shot in bing! The Hills where we had a bunch of my friends and Raden's coming over to bing! to talk about us. Thank you to bing! for kindly letting us use the place. In the video there's only an excerpt, so for those who were not featured, I'll post the full videos soon once I've gotten them from Fazli. 

If you like his work (like we do), he showcases his work in his website: www.fazlitaufek.com

Have a blessed Wednesday, y'all! 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista =)

Ps: The song is Cinta Antara Kita by Baizura Kahar featuring Duta