Monday, December 19, 2011

Adieu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Song

A fellow friend and colleague will be leaving for UiTM Penang so in lieu of her leaving the campus we opted for a farewell dinner to celebrate her new academic journey in UiTM Penang. 

Booked dinner for 10 at The Eatery. Great buffet spread at only RM58++ per person. If you like fresh salmon, oyster and clams, or maybe you like a bit of pasta and pizza, or maybe some local dishes like nasi ayam, laksa and kolo mee, and topped with a great dessert spread (i.e. cheese cake, moist chocolate cake, ice cream and ice kacang); you can find it here at Four Points by Sheraton =). 

A mentor and her mentee. Erimalida is Dr. Song's master's student and she'll be graduating this May. Congratulations!

These three have been together in UiTM for more than 10 years. Time certainly flies fast. 

A lil' bit of something from us to Dr. Song. Thank you Madam KPP for being able to make it tonight. 

Dr. Song's few words on us and UiTM Sarawak. Am glad that she liked the company (us, I mean) and also the Sarawak food. Dr. Song is a native Penang, by the way. 

Another gift from the mentee. 

These two ladies are ecstatic that they've finally completed their master's degree. Carolin will also be joining Erimalida for the convocation in May. Congratulations Carol!

The crowd. Our faculty is a small one, there's only about 12 or 13 of us. Only two aren't in the picture, Dr. Chong who couldn't join us because she has a family affair to attend to and Madam Azilawati who's currently pursuing her PhD in New Zealand. 

The old timers (as they put it). They've been together in UiTM for many years, it's sad that we witnessed the passing of Madam Faridah earlier this year. She's also one of the gang. Al-Fatihah to her. 

To Dr. Song, you will be missed by us all. We hope that you'll achieve even greater success in Penang and hope to see you again in the future =).

xoxo Mrs Fashionista xoxo