Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fashionista Escapades: Universal Studios Singapore

As you all know, I am recently married and lucky for us, my husband had work to do in Johor Bahru, and we took the opportunity for a weekend break to Universal Studios, Singapore and since it's the merry month of December, we also decided to capitalize on the Singapore Year End Sale and have a walk through at Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands. The last time we were in Singapore was for our pre-wedding last year, which kinda made me nostalgic *smile*. Enjoy the photos, peeps!

We participated in the 'What Makes You Smile Campaign'. Our photo will be out in their Facebook page: What Makes You Smile? next week =). I don't think they'd ever thought that their event would make it to a Malaysian blogger's page, but kudos for the event!

At Ngee Ann City. Thank you hubby for the wonderful weekend escapade =).

This photo was taken at Orchard Road. Singapore's Christmas theme this year, colorful elephants. Don't ask me why, they're a little different than Santa and a pack of reindeers but nevertheless super adorable! =)

A must-do pose at Merlion Park. Hihi!

Marina Bay Sands. Didn't have the opportunity to experience the view on top of the Sands. Will KIV that particular event for my next trip to Singapore *insyaAllah*.

Singapore skyline at Marina Bay. Kinda reminded me of our pre-wedding trip to Hong Kong *sigh*. If you're looking for the post, I haven't uploaded that yet, sorry. Will do in due time *wink*.

Love the art. This is actually at one of the interchange MRT stations.

Universal Studios guide. We booked our tickets online because last year, when we went to Singapore, the offline tickets were sold out. This time, we decided to make sure we had the tickets booked beforehand. For those who'd like to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), it is reachable via MRT, just make sure you stop at Harbour Front Station, and go up the escalators to Level 3 (if I'm not mistaken, it's the top-most level anyhow) of VivoCity and you can find a monorail station that will take you to Resorts World Sentosa (or Sentosa Island) where USS is located. The monorail will cost you about SGD3 or alternatively, you can also take the cab, bus or cable car. 

Look who're here! Charlie Chaplin =). 

At Lights! Camera! Action! A simulation of a Stage 3 Hurricane in New York. Had fire, strong wind, rain etc. Super cool!

At Sci-Fi City. There's Bumblebee and Megatron and Autobots!!

Queuing for the Transformers ride took 1 hour and 20 minutes. That was one long queue but it was completely worth it *thumbs up*.

That's Optimus Prime, I think *sheepish smile*.

At the Ancient Egypt. Fit physique and six pack abs *drool*

The view from one of the rides. That is Far Far Away Castle. 

Monster Rock, a musical performance by Frankenstein, Dracula, and many other monsters. They may look like monsters but their voices are very beautiful and melodic. 

At Water World. Stunts and death-defying acts, super impressive!

We had explosions, hovercrafts, boats, jet skis, flying planes, fire etc. The stunts are simply amazing. 

Three hours later. Finally made it to Far Far Away. 

Alex and Penguin says hi!

The last ride for the night, A crate adventure. You totally need a whole day for Universal Studios. 

Met Frankie on the way out. Merry Christmas, Frankie!

Left with a box of Garret's Popcorn. Slightly pricy but super sedap!

Au revoir Singapore. Am glad for the opportunity to travel with Raden as we couldn't go for our honeymoon yet and this mini getaway is enough for us to enjoy quality time together. 

A note of caution, if you're thinking of going to Singapore from Johor, try to be as early as possible to the customs/ immigration check point, it took us a two-hours wait at Singapore customs just to get through. If you're not patient, take the cab, I think it's faster than taking the bus, like we did.

Hope y'all had a great weekend peeps!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista =)


  1. Hi Miss!! (yer biasa dah nunggah kitak Miss walaupun dah Mdm hahah!), mek orang juak plan mok travel g sia next year (under proposal), baru baru tok baru jak balit dari sigek friendly trip dari sabah. by the way, congrat and selamat pengantin baru Mrs Fareiny!!!

  2. Thank you Deideian! If you're planning to travel to Singapore next year, why not make it at the end of May or in June as that's when the Big Sale going to be =)

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  4. Thank you for the positive feedback. Will do as suggested =)