Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chinese Wedding: Wedding Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Tan Chung Siong

A good friend of mine, Corina Lau got married last 11.11.11 and yesterday (17.12.2011) was their wedding reception in Roban. I drove all the way from Kuching to Roban just to attend her wedding and even though I  had a course to attend to this weekend, I'm truly glad that I was able to get to the wedding on time. 

I have always loved road trips and this is no different! The scenery from Kuching to Roban is breathtakingly beautiful. We passed hills, mountains, forests, paddy fields, oil palm plantations and definitely a number of kampongs and rumah panjang along the way =).

The crowd. It was a full house and everyone gathered to be a part of the wedding reception. I think there's almost 30 of us (staffs and ex-staffs of SIDMA College) from Kuching who wanted to share Corina's wonderful evening. 

The wedding procession. They were greeted with loud fireworks and confetti. I must admit, they do make a beautiful pair. Congratulations to the both of you *hugs*. 

Cake cutting ceremony.

Uncorking the wine bottle and getting ready to pour the wine. 

This is a part of our group. Corina used to be a part of SIDMA College and although she had to leave SIDMA to be with her husband, we wish her happiness and joy in her new journey as a wife =). 

Corina in her second gown. A beautiful one-shouldered, lime green dinner gown. 

Getting ready for the toasts. 


The couple singing a Mandarin song, if I'm not mistaken someone told me that the song means the most important decision in my life. 

Me and Tinie with the beautiful bride. 

Our final pose with the couple. 

I've known Corina since she was a student at SIDMA College (then known as IPD or Institut Pengurusan Dinamik). We've shared our ups and downs together and I'm glad to say, now, we're also sharing the same wedding month. She got married on 11 November while I got married on the 25th! 

This was us just three years ago in April 2008 at Stadium Tertutup waiting for the Peterpan Concert to start. 

To my dear friend, I wish you all the happiness, joy, and laughter throughout your married life. May God bless you with wonderful children and an amazing marriage. May you also be blessed with good health and wealth *yammmmmmmmmsengggggggg!!!*.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista xoxo

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