Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011, Year of the Rabbit, Adieu.

We'll be approaching the New Year very, very soon. And with that in mind, I'd like to be THANKFUL all the blessed memories and events that have colored my year.

Me and Raden at the Great Wall of China. This was taken last year during our vacation to Beijing =).

This has been a very, very hectic year. Workload has been over the top and my life even took a roller-coaster ride as I tried to manage my time between travelling, office paperwork, teaching, and preparing for a wedding. However, I do feel very blessed indeed that at the end of this topsy-turvy year is a wonderful rainbow (and a pot of gold from the Ministry, in the form of a year end bonus). I definitely have had a very, very amazing year.

In February, I (yours truly, the one who thought she would never get married) got engaged =). And in November, a lil' Miss Fashionista became a Mrs *wink*.

My engagement. If you are currently looking at this photo, I apologize for the unkempt background. No apology for the unfavorably large nose however. I seem to have been born with it.

One of the wedding photos taken by my wedding photographer, Ise.

Work has been simply amazing. I have been in UiTM for about two years plus now and I am still learning the ropes. There's tons to be learned and I think I have only scratched the tip of the iceberg. Being an educator is a a great opportunity, molding and shaping the brains of the leaders of our tomorrow is an opportunity that I would never miss. Syukur alhamdulillah. My best achievement for this year would be having FIVE conference papers presented.

In Palangka Raya, more accurately at Universitas Palangka Raya.

Us at Universiti Mulawarman, Samarinda, Indonesia.

Mommy and a fellow UiTM professor at the International Halal Business Symposium where I was presenting.

My target is only a paper a year, but having good teammates, we managed to complete an amazing five! In lieu of that, three were presented in Indonesia (one in Palangka Raya and two in Samarinda), one was presented in Shah Alam, and the last one in Kuching at our very own UiTM Sarawak Conference 2011.

I've finally managed to see Port Dickson for the first time! Amazing isn't it? A fellow traveller who's been to so many countries all over the world but still fails to visit her own. Downright shameful, I must say. I've always wanted to go to Port Dickson (and not because of anything cool though), simply because almost everyone that I've known (most of my Semenanjung friends and also my Sarawak and Sabah friends who're working in Semenanjung) have been there. There's always posts of weekend getaways to PD. I've always wondered how does PD looks like and due to work (and my amazing mentor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roziah) I get to stay there for an amazing four days!

This year's travelling started off in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, followed by a short trip to Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia, then Johor Bahru with the students, moved on to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and a much anticipated vacation cum pre-wedding session to Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, another trip to Samarinda, Indonesia, and finally my mini-getaways after officially becoming a Mrs to Singapore and Bangkok.

With one of my students during our trip to Johor. However, this photo was taken in Melaka. A beautiful historical city it is =).

At Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat, Sabah.

Us at The Venetian, Macau. Wondering where I am? I'm the one capturing this photo lah!

Us at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Us at Windows of the World, Shenzhen.

At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore =P

At Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya.

Thank you Allah for such a blessed year. Am looking forward to another blessed year. Adieu 2011 and Hello 2012. will be dusting my new year resolutions book to see if I'm missing one or two resolutions and will update new ones very, very soon!

Lots of love and let us say a prayer of thanks, everyone! It's been a great year and I hope everyone have had the time of their lives =).

Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista