Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Islamic Finance Exposure to Johor Bahru

I went for a trip to Johor Bahru and Melaka recently, with my bunch of students whom I'm teaching Islamic Finance. A group of 28 students were supposed to go but sadly one of them missed the flight, so there was only 27. And the final exams timetable were shifted that at the end of the day, the students had to buy a new ticket for themselves. Sorry guys, some bad luck, huh?

This time, the students are doing all the organizing and preparing. I became the guest. Nice, right? Well, since we have implemented OBE (Outcome Based Education) in our classroom, the teaching and learning style is more student centered so this time, the students are empowered to organize the whole trip as they liked (they are in charge of the initial inception, proposal preparation up 'til the timing of their own flights). So, what did I have to do? I only had to watch, observe and give marks.

P/s, this is another photoblog =P

In this photo we are visiting Kolej Islam Marsah. I asked all my students to cover their hair in which they did. Thanks for being a good sport, everyone! =)

Since the whole trip is slotted for four days (or actually three days and three nights), so we allocated one full day for our official trip (which was the second day of the trip), one full day for fun day (which is the third day of the trip) and the last day is for the flight home.

Having breakfast on the way to Melaka. I had proposed for the students to visit Melaka this time (it's kinda not far from Johor Bahru, well, two-and-a-half hours to be exact) since I've been hearing rave reviews on how cool Melaka is from my friend who's lecturing on tourism. She confesses that she brings her students to visit Melaka every year.

Having slept on the bus (we departed at 6.45 am from Johor Bahru) the students are more preppy and cheerful once they've breakfasted.

At A'Famosa Resort Melaka. This resort hosts three different theme parks; a water park, safari theme park and a cowboy town (which only opens at night).

We opted for the Safari park, so this is a photo of us with Afa, an elephant that can paint! The students got me the painting and I asked them to all sign on it as a token from the journey. Super cool elephant, even managed to pose with us for a photograph =)

It was a super hot day so we managed a rest and a pose after our Safari session.

After A'Famosa resort we dropped by at Jonker Street in Melaka for some much needed retail therapy. This is my first time to Jonker Street so imagine my surprise to see it reminds me so much of Kuta, Bali. There were tiny shops lined by the street selling all sorts of stuff for the tourists like couple t-shirts and even antiques.

We ended our trip with a visit to Kota Iskandar, the new administration centre for Johor. All the buildings in Kota Iskandar are unique from one another as they are built and designed by different architects (or so I heard).

I totally enjoyed this trip and to me the best part was, the students did a very good job in managing the whole event. I'm very proud of the level of maturity that they are showing and how smooth the whole trip was. Congratulations everyone! Good job!

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