Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Update!!


An update on my forthcoming wedding.

Seriously, I seem to be running against time in an effort to make heads or tails of my wedding preparation. I wish I can show photos, but that'll be like letting the cat out of the bag, and I'd like to surprise my friends and colleagues on the actual wedding day, so, no photos. At least, not yet.

So, my checklist:
1. Akad Nikah dress (DONE!)
2. Persandingan dress (Got the fabric but not yet sent to tailors)
3. Groom's Akad Nikah attire (DONE!)
4. Groom's Persandingan attire (No design in mind *sigh*)
5. Wedding Venue (Booked but not yet paid)
6. Wedding Date (Confirmed!)
7. Bridesmaid and bestman (Confirmed!)
8. Bridesmaid and bestman attire (Got the color scheme but have yet to purchase the fabrics)
9. Pre-wedding (DONE! and another one in June *wink*) - didn't know that I have more than one pre-wedding, didn't you?

Stuff that is currently pending:
1. Photographers
2. Videographers
3. Caterers
4. Wedding invites
5. Save-the-date invites *gulp*
6. Bedroom furniture
7. Wedding dais or as we call it pelamin
8. Make up and hair do

and the list goes on...

It's tiresome (sometimes) but at most times it's fun. Picking up the color schemes, getting it all together can be quite a handfull but then again, I do love organizing stuff and organizing my own wedding will be my biggest challenge. But then again, I look forward to it, so, bring it on!

Will update on the latest details (like who I'm hiring) as I will certainly share as much as I can. The prices can be quite steep and truth be told, currently the wedding budget seems to be burgeoning to be more than 50k! It's mighty scary to us as we do not want to spend a fortune on a two-day event. So, let's hope that we can reduce our costs and keep to it to a minimum.


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo