Saturday, April 30, 2011

Will and Kate. The Wedding.

One could not miss the royal wedding. How can one not? It's plastered everywhere, from the television to the net, gosh, it's really hard to miss. Unless of course, you're somewhere in the middle of the forest (without any cellular coverage) and without any contact to the outside world (which is kind off an impossibility nowadays). Everyone's connected. Don't believe me? Look at the millions of tweets posted on Twitter, that's proof of how huge this event is.

So back to the wedding.

Having decided to getting hitched this year (I'm talking 'bout myself here, not the royal couple), it would be a sin not to look for inspiration from the royal wedding. So, this is what I totally love taken from the wedding:

Number One: The Dress.

Photos coutesy of E! Online and The Guardian

I love the details on the fabric. I love the simple design and how it is gives an elegant and demure look to the bride. Am certainly thinking of how I can incorporate this design into my upcoming wedding dress. Luckily the fabric that I bought for the dress is quite similar but the color of my dress will somewhat be a lil' bit different.

I heard she designed the dress herself and then asked Sarah Burton (of Alexander McQueen) to make it into a reality. And, I also heard that she got her inspiration from Princess Grace's wedding dress (which I think is totally chic and timeless).

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. Photo courtesy of

Number two: The Train.

Photos courtesy of E! Online.

I simply love the train. A train adds drama to the simple gown. Although I am not planning on an 8 feet train but I will have a train. This I have decided long before I saw Kate's. Slightly shorter and simpler than Kate's train.

Number three: The bouquet.

I adore the bouquet. Superbly simple. Unfortunately I do not have a favorite flower, but I might be looking into something similar to this.

Congratulations to both William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Gosh! My wedding is months away and I feel like I'm drowning in the wedding preparations *yikes*. I guess my future posts will be wedding related, peeps!

Til my next post, cheerio!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo