Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 Keys to Happiness and Success

I am currently in the midst of studying for an exam. More specifically, an Al-Maghrib exam for the course entitled Love Notes: Marriage and Family Life by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim which I had attended at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus earlier this month. While reading my notes, I stumbled upon something that the Shaykh has shared with us, which I think would be nice to share with y'all. It's the 10 keys to happiness and success and here it goes:

1. There's a balance between happiness and success. Success is external i.e. it can be seen and measured while happiness is internal. It cannot be seen, thus it is difficult to measure.

2. Trust your fate and qadr. There are things that are beyond our control. The issue that relates to qadr is how do we react to these things.

3. We have to be a part of our qadr and there may be more than one qadr. The dua'a of a mother increases our life and improves our purity and health. Work for our qadr. Know that our qadr is with Allah but have tawakkul.

4. Learn from our parents' mistakes. One of the best way to learn success is from the hurdles and failures of our parents and those who are close to us.

5. When it is time to change, if everyday you have been hitting the same wall, it's not the wall, but you are too stubborn to change your same ways. There's something that needs to be changed.

6. Remember that the best things in life are always the simplest, especially in connecting with other people. The sunnah of the Prophet p.b.u.h. is the simplest way to life. Always choose the way of the easiest and least cost.

7. Demand the best. Don't settle for anything in life. Always go for the best that you can have. But be willing to work for it. Be willing to give the best in return. Become and seek to be the best and don't settle. Pull them up. You demand for it not by asking but by giving.

8. Overcome your mistakes of the past. Forget the errors you have made. What the Shaykh means here is don't get so hang up upon what you have did in the past but look forward and strive to your future. Repentance is you bury your past and you overturn them with your virtues. Don't let your past and difficulty break you.

9. Don't try to control the future. Yes, you may work for the future but what will happen is within the qadr of Allah. You should secure the future by your hard work today.

10. Invest yourself fully in the present to attain the future.

Relationship goals: do things together.
A husband taking a photo of his wife underwater while snorkelling. A photo that I took of a couple at Redang Island, last week.

I hope you have benefitted from these tips as much as I had.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista