Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rest in Peace

It is only when you receive news of a friend's passing that you began to question your own mortality. You can't live forever, you know. Even Superman gets old. So why should we be any different?

Last night, the weather was absolutely horrible. It was literally raining cats and dogs. Visibility: extremely poor. I was driving to a cafe somewhat 10 minutes away from my house and I couldn't see the roads properly. Even the car in front of me looked like all gooey and gray (the effect of extreme downpour on unclean windshield mirrors, an extremely in-your-face warning for those who dare to brave the roads in Kuching). Even then, a fleeting thought crossed my mind, this is the perfect weather for road accidents. Thus cautioning me to drive more slowly and carefully on the roads.

Later that night, I was calling my fiance on the way home and to my surprise, he was actually getting ready to go the hospital. A friend called in to say that his bestfriend had been killed in a road accident, just a couple of hours before. The fleeting thought came back to my mind, the thought that this night, the heavy downpour, was the perfect condition for road accidents. Little did I know that even then, my thought really did materialize into something true. Our mutual friend, killed in a road accident. The car that he was driving skidded then swerved to hit a lorry which was parked by the roadside. It costed him his life, but luckily his two-year-old daughter (who was in the passenger seat) survived. I really could not imagine the whole situation. I was in shock. My fiance, well, he was in a state of disbelieve, shock, and incredibly sad at the thought that his best friend, whom he has known since he was 13, is gone forever.

I guess that is the will of God and Allah loves him more. We wish that you are in a better place, and don't forget to wait for us in front of the gates of heaven. For those of you who know him, please send words of prayer to our friend, Jimmy Rakesh. Al-Fatihah.


  1. Al-fatihah
    Which area nya accident? Was it last nite? Selalu sama nunggu bas time balit sekolah dolok. Nya indian look curly hair nak?

  2. Aok. Nya yg indian look curly hair ya.. Nya eksiden kat Siburan

  3. Mek ingat dolok nya selalu nungu bas kuning depan kolej dolok. Last skali jumpa d mango tree like 5 yrs ago. Cne siburan ya? Dekat batu 10 kah?

  4. sedih ko.. maseh ingat kmk muka nya. Al_fatihah..

  5. Siburan nak after batu tujoh ya..
    Ya lah Ma, kmk pun jadi teringat juak muka nya.. Alu teringat nya selalu berguro dengan Raden..