Friday, March 11, 2011

How strong are you?

Me and my fiance got our bones checked when we went to the mall last weekend. Apparently there was an Anlene free bone check-up and being concerned that citizens that we are (he's in his thirties and my big 3-0 will be coming soon) we decided to check it out.

We had to fill in some forms (you know, asking nasty stuff like our milk drinking habits and such), I never knew these Anlene people to be such nosies but despite that , we happily complied to answering, yes, we do drink milk and yes, it's anlene and some more non-sensical questions.

Then we had to sit on a chair then put our feet in a thingamajig and then he (the Anlene guy) sprayed something cold (I'm guessing disinfectant) onto my feet. Or may it's something to prevent smelly feet leaving their unwanted odour on the machine (you never know, right?).

Oops, that's my feet there.

Raden lookin' cheerful. Little did he know that he's gonna get a shocker!

So after the checkup, the Anlene team filled in our forms and told us whether our bones are healthy or not. And I got 2.8 while Raden got a -0.3. So, yeay! me and boo! Raden. Mine was off the charts (in a positive way) while Raden's (although slightly on the negative side) is still considered healthy. (Psst: he thinks the machine's faulty, by the way).

So this is my marks. Ain't my bones just peachy?

I've always thought my bones are kinda frail. You know, with my improper diet (I do snack on the occasional Pringles or Mr Potato once in a while and the amount of greens that I eat are just plain pathetic).

Then we were given some free samples of Anlene (I think this is to appease Raden from his shock of knowing that his bones are not as strong as he thought). Well, anyways, I'm sticking to my calcium from now on. I certainly don't want to grow into some old geezer with a bad back *yikes*.

Cheerio peeps! Lets make a promise to take care of our body better, shall we?

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo