Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm sorry, I'm in a vulnerable state, I'd say. I feel like pouring my heart out but then again, caution has always taught me to be careful with what I say. So instead, I chose to seek inspiration.

From all the turmoil of what has been happening around me, I am reminded to reflect on how hard it must be on Daphne Iking, her divorce being aired out in the local newspapers and in the Net. It must be daunting to know that everyone knows all the sordid details of your private life and yet you still have to maintain calm and composure and still have to face the crowd (she is an emcee and a public figure after all) and her work demands that she puts herself in the public eye. So, knowing to the fact that her troubles are way bigger than mine and mine are not troubles at all, it's just coping with the loss of someone dear so this is what I've found on her blog:

When You Feel

by Caramel Bliss

When you feel you're alone in a bad world.
When all you once had is gone.
Remember that life has taught us.
That the darkest night precedes the dawn.

When you feel you are out of hope.
Remember that God is there.
Keep your faith strong.
Soon, he will answer your prayers.

When you feel you have no friend left.
And only enemies are near.
Worry not, my love.
For I'll always be here for you, dear.

Fear not, you are safe in my arms.
You will always find a home in my heart.
And i shall forever be your loyal one.
'Till death do us part.

*My heart is ever at your service. ~William Shakespeare
The page link is [here].

And if you're interested, Daphne blogs at: Happy reading peeps!


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