Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Rent

If you must know, my house is now available for rent.

Oops, I never mentioned that I have a house didn't I? Well, I do. I've had it since a few years back and since I've bought it, it has been rented. I've never really thought on staying there though. The comforts of my own home (family home, that is) is too good for me to move out on *cheeky grin*.

Previously it has been rented by a small family for almost three years. A few weeks ago, my tenant called up to say they're moving. So peeps, my house is available for rent, and should anyone be interested, these are the details of the house:

Single-storey terrace corner, three bedroom with one toilet and a shower room. Location: Taman Samarindah, Kota Samarahan (entrance via the road to Serian, if you're from Bulatan Datuk Mohd Musa). It's about 2 minutes drive to UNIMAS and 5 minutes drive to UiTM. The car porch can comfortably fit one car. And this is how it looks like:

There's huge space by the side of the house (it is a corner house) for kids to run about. The interior of the house is very cool (despite the humid weather that we're prone to experiencing). This I know because when I first bought the house, I had to stay all day at the house to supervise the grillwork being done on the house. The neighbor to the right is Uncle Roland. The one to the left, I am unsure of the name though. When I bought the house, they haven't moved in yet. I think it's important to know thy neighbors. They'll be the first to alert you should there be any mischievous looking people lurking around (just in case).

Will be doing a lil' renovation (to spruce up the fences) in May so the house should be habitable by June. So, if anyone's interested, I can be contacted at

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo.


  1. mcm nie mok berhubung dgn ktk mok tanya pasal rumah ya owh?

    1. Salam Amil,
      Sorry gilak-gilak. Rumah kmk dah disewakan dah.. Tok post lamak tok.