Monday, May 9, 2011

Photographer's Chill-Out Session @ The Junk

I had the opportunity to attend a Photographer's Chill-Out Session last Saturday night with some of the biggest names in photography in Malaysia. This is a photo-blog of the event, so treat yourself to a look-see =)

Photographers are well known for their simplicity. Photos that stands out are rarely crowded or messy. Most opt for the simple black-and-white.

The restaurant has this huge mirror which has the restaurant's menu written (or actually scribbled) on the surface of the mirror.

It would be impossible to have a photographer's chill-out session without having photography enthusiasts as the audience.

It would be safe to bet that there are more cameras than people that night. By the way, it was a full house and the restaurant was filled to the brim! There were not enough seats but we're not complainin'.

Some of the talented photographers that Malaysia has to offer. No, this is not the only line of great photographers in Malaysia, we have more =). To know more, look up WPPM (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia) at

Fiona Lim. Winner of WPPM Conference last year. She's coming up with an exhibition soon. Wanna know more? Check her out at

Saiful Nang. Official photographer to the Royal family in Brunei. He has his own academy called Saiful Nang Academy of Photography (SNAP) and his company (and tagline) is Candid Syndrome. You can check him out at

This is just me fooling around looking for different angles on Nikki =).

Our event was captured live on video. I guess for future purposes of WPPM. Now you might wonder about WPPM and also wonder why you've never heard of it. Here's your chance to know more. Visit the website

There was even an auction at the end of the session I didn't stay for the auction though (had an early event the following day), so am not sure what are the items being auctioned. Although I do think it must be photography stuff.

I must say that as an amateur photographer, I am really glad that there are avenues and organizations like WPPM which brings professional photographers in contact with amateurs like me. I would have to confess that I did not attend the photography seminar that was held during the weekend (I had committed myself to another course) but I am glad I went for the chill-out session.

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo