Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Shopping in Singapore

I have always loved my travels to Singapore. And the main reason for it is because all my travels include fantastic shopping sessions. Indeed what better way to spend the time than perusing shopping complexes and then filling out your wardrobe to the max *happy sigh*.
Indeed I had this trip all planned out since July. We know how competitive shopping can be during Christmas and I'd say Singapore is one of the best shopping havens in the world. Rows of stores and boutiques all lined up side by side; sparkly goods waiting to be yours *gosh*.
Anyways, there were two main reasons for this trip:
1. To check out the new Universal Studios; and

2. To check out Armani Exchange's boutique store.

Armani anyone?

So, let's see...
First day, we touched down in Changi Airport at around 6.15 pm. Then we quickly checked into our hotel and MRTed off to Orchard Road. We arrived at Orchard by 10 pm. It was kinda late for any shopping so instead, we strolled the bustling stretch of Orchard Road and by midnight we left for Mustafa. FYI, Mustafa is a 24-store, so it's a perfect place to shop anytime of the day!
Second day, we left for Universal Studios only to find out at Vivo City that the tickets to Universal Studios are all sold out! Until 2nd January, that is. Since our trip to Singapore is only 'til Christmas, it just doesn't seem right to be buying tickets for January 3rd. So instead we decided to roam Sentosa Island (and even though there was a peddler who wanted to sell us tickets to Universal Studios, we decided that we're not the peddling type so we turned down his offer).

Me and Nazar goofing off near Merlion
Then we went shopping for Armani at Vivo City.

Me in front of Tangs
Now, imagine that you're in front of this Armani boutique and inside you see a 50% discount sign. What do you do? Storm right in, silly *duh*.
Third day, saw us coming again to Orchard, this time finalizing our purchases. Went off to ION Orchard, then Tangs, then Wisma Atria, then Takashimaya (you get the picture, right?).

Me at ION Orchard
We loaded on Armani (since that is reason no 2) and might I say that the discounts offered is really, really good =). I'd really recommend Singapore if you really feel like splurging.
We were only able to enter Universal Studios that night. The tickets are sold out but they allowed us to purchases night passes for the price of SGD5 and we were only given access to Hollywood Stars or something that sounded similar. Since we really, really wanted to go (remember: there were only two main reasons why we were in Singapore, so we tried to stick to that two main reasons). So, this is what we found:

Finally we managed to enter Universal Studios.

Where to?

Some of the attractions at Universal Studios Singapore.

Let's get to the Lost World and see dinosaurs!
I want to move it! Move it!

Finally we left the hustle and bustle of Singapore for the comforts of Kuching on the fourth day. I dare say I'll be back and hopefully soon =)

Me at Changi Airport. Love the beautiful Christmas deco

P/s: If you would like to shop in Singapore, I'd recommend its mid-year Great Sale rather than the year-end Christmas Sale since I've been to experience them both and found that the mid-year sale offers more discounts and better offer for tourists. Please bring your passports with you when you shop and claim your GST at whatever stores that you're shopping at ya =).
Among those that we brought home =)
Lots of hugs and plenty of shopping sprees to y'all!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo