Friday, December 17, 2010

The worst flight ever

I had the worst flight ever.

I know that you know, it's written in the subject line *duh*.

What would you feel if you woke up at 4 am so that you can get ready for a 7 am flight? You wouldn't be all fresh and perky right? And then having to arrive at KL Sentral at 5 am and discovering that your flight has been cancelled. Well, that was how my day started.

So I slept late that night. That's normal prior to any traveling trip. I have to pack, period. And the problem with me is that I usually pack the night before, so I usually have to make sure that I have all my belongings in my luggage so that I can just wake up as late as I can the next morning. And this meant 4 am in the morning as my flight to KK is set for 7 am.

We left for KL Sentral at 5 am and arrived within minutes (it's the wee hours of the morning, I doubt there'd be any traffic jam, so that morning was no different than any 5 am traffic in KL, the roads are practically empty with no car in sight).

So here I was checking in only to discover that I had to catch the 9.30 am flight instead. Now, please bear in mind that I had another flight to catch, the 12.30 flight from KK to Kuching. I talked to MAS officers, there is nothing that I can do about it though and there is nothing that they can do either. There is no earlier flight so I'm left with the 9.30 am flight.

I arrived at KLIA by 6.30 am (it was so early that I managed to catch the sunrise, haha) and by then I was already kinda dizzy (with the lack of sleep and all). And I waited for my flight. And waited. And waited. Apparently there was a delay. We didn't leave until 9.50 am. Can you imagine my agony? No, you can't, right? Ah well, truly agonized I was. And throughout the flight I kept praying and praying, you know, for the plane to fly faster. Or for the pilot to at least realize that he has a passenger on board that needs to catch her connecting flight. Oh, I forgot. You might be wondering how on earth that I had to fly all the way to KK when there is a direct flight from KL to Kuching. Well, I was supposed to be attending this meeting in KK. It was scheduled and organized and all, and then it got cancelled. Like three days prior to the meeting we were notified that the meeting wasn't going to happen. So, being the good employee that I am, I attended a workshop in Seremban instead, also scheduled on the same date.

Now back to my flight. At the end of the day, we landed in KK right on the dot of 12.30 noon. Same time as my flight back to Kuching. Being the worrywart that I am, I was a total wreck. Looking as hassled as a hen that has lost its chicks, I most probably looked worst than that. By landing time, I had notified the stewardess of my situation by at least three times and I was already seated in first class, just so that I could run out of the plane and straight into the other one. As exciting as that sounds, that did not happen to me though. I arrived in KK to find that my plane had already left me *sob*.

So what did I do? I wandered at the airport, like a lost chick. Kept wandering at the departure hall, really not knowing what to do. It's my first time being left behind by the plane, you see. So, I was kinda caught unawares. Finally I had the courage to approach one of the airport officials and blurt out my situation. I had been left behind by my own transportation. The question that was weighing on my mind was, 'Do I need to buy another ticket?' *yikes*. Likes it's even my fault, right?

Luckily the gentleman was nice enough to appease all of my worries and immediately changed my ticket so that I can board the next available flight, which is scheduled to leave at 1.30 pm. And to get to Kuching, I had to transit in Miri and Mulu. Rather than an hour or so flight, the whole journey will take roughly around 3 hours. Oh my God. Just knowing the fact that I was so desperate to reach home that made me agree to board the plane. Within 3 hours, I'll be home. So, on this flight, I had to leave the plane twice (to Miri and Mulu) and then finally reach Kuching. And unfortunate for me (despite having my flight cancelled, delayed and missing another flight) the flight attendant in this flight was particularly loud, so we kinda overheard all the meticulous details of her uninteresting conversation *sigh*.

Suffice to say, I arrived at KIA safely at 4.55 pm but without my bag in tow. It had gotten left behind in KK amidst all the chaos. Feeling simply too tired (after all that) I decided to leave it at that and submit a baggage claim form at KIA.

My luggage arrived at 11.30 pm.

And to me, this is absolutely the worst flight one could ever experience. Let's pray that this doesn't happen to y'all.

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo