Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Induksi 139/ 2010

I had to go to Perak. Not just Perak, but Kampung Gajah, Perak. And where might this be? Haha! I honestly do not know. But what I do know is that the road to Kampung Gajah is long and winded and it took us a good three-hour ride just to arrive there.

So in order to become a confirmed staff, a newbie or any other new staffs of the public sector has to undergo several steps to which once all those steps have been completed, will then be considered as a fully confirmed staff. One of those steps is induction and ours was called Induksi 139/ 2010.

There's a total of 152 participants who attended Induksi this time; unequally divided into two groups (simply because the hall is not big enough, so the bigger hall goes to bigger group).

And this is the bigger group. Can hardly recognize the tiny faces, can you? They're called Kumpulan Warisan

And this is my group, the smaller one. And ours is called Kumpulan Wawasan

I had my reservations prior to attending Induksi. There were so many horror stories whispered from one person to another that I really could not imagine what it would be like and how the place looked like. Among the horror stories shared was:

1. We came back from our lectures and found a huge reptile in our toilet.
I felt like screaming when I heard this one. I really, really wouldn't want to share the toilet with any reptile.

2. The place is so out of town that it takes about an hour's drive from Kampung Gajah to the nearest town.
Oh gosh, oh gosh *heart attack*

3. There's no reception for your mobile.

Anyway, to tell you the truth, I had fun. I met all sorts of people here and I made friends with people whom I would love to meet again. For any of you out there who will be attending Induksi for the first time, please don't listen any horror stories, they're not justified (in my opinion) and relax and just enjoy the process.

I loved my stay and certainly do not have any horror stories to share. Oh, except there was this one time we were walking at night and we heard this heard meowing sound. It didn't exactly sound like a cat and it didn't sound human either...


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