Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hotel Review: Sabai Sabai @ Sukhumvit Hotel

We had such a wonderful stay in Bangkok, Thailand that I feel it would be a shame if I don't share the hotel that we were staying in. The hotel is Sabai Sabai @ Sukhumvit Hotel (a mouthful, I know) but there's a reason for it. Sabai is a Thai word, meaning relax so, basically the hotel aims to provide a relaxing experience to their weary travellers and the hotel is located at the famous Sukhumvit Road (more specifically Sukhumvit 71) , thus, the moniker @ Sukhumvit.

The bell at the reception counter. If you find that there's no one in attendance, just hit the bell. Most of the times the staff are actually at the back, doing paperwork. 

Hubs at the reception counter. All smiles, happy that my leave was approved and I can finally accompany him to Bangkok. A sweetheart he is.

The reception area. The theme color is red and you can see there's certainly splashes of red everywhere! Sabai Sabai is a boutique hotel and the rooms are beautifully decorated. Each room is unique and lucky for us we were given a tour of the penthouse suites on our last day at Sabai Sabai. The rooms are truly an inspiration! 

Third floor lobby. Our room was located at the third floor. 

The corridor leading to our room. 

And this is our room! We were booked at the Corner Suite and our room had its own small living area, pantry and private bathroom. The room was absolutely great, we didn't expect to stay in such an amazing suite (almost like an apartment, I must say); it has cable tv (though the movies at Thailand would all be in Thai so you could be watching Sylvester Stallone or even Shah Rukh Khan speaking Thai *yikes*), there's a small dressing room that leads to your bathroom, a small pantry (complete with its own stove and microwave, if you feel like cooking) and the ambience is absolutely great. They knew that we're both newlyweds and thus they told us that the room would be perfect for us (and it is!)

The pantry, complete with a microwave and it's own tiny fridge. If you're wondering, the room rate was RM280 per night. 

We were given a tour of the penthouse and this is one of them! There's actually two penthouses at the top floor, complete with its own private rooftop garden (which is stunning) and the view is magnificent! However, the penthouse is slightly pricey (for us), the rate is around RM500 per night *gasp*. 

At the other penthouse. Maybe, one day, right hubs?

This is the hotel's manager, a very, very friendly lady. For non-Thai speaking travellers, she speaks good English! During one of the days there, she even told me that there's a Hush Puppies Warehouse sale going on around the corner and I bought two pairs of shoes and one pair of platform heels (all of them cost me less than RM200!)

The hotel provides free breakfast for two (however, they serve non-halal food on the premises) and also free shuttle service to and from the nearest MRT/ Skytrain (if you're thinking about reaching the golden triangle (read: Siam Paragon, MBK, Siam Discovery, Platinum etc). The drive to the station took only about 15 minutes but if you're thinking of walking, it is quite a distance (somewhat about at least 30 minutes walk).

If you feel like checking out the hotel, click [here] for the link to the hotel's booking site. Or maybe you can also visit the hotel's website at

Have a fun trip!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista


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