Monday, January 9, 2012

No More Bad Hair Days

I've been very, very busy the past weekend; sourcing for hairdressers, hair products, brainstorming sessions and designing advertisements. So, back to the consulting business, *drumroll please* I am currently managing what I would call a turnaround project on my mum's salon. Hairdressing salon, to be exact. I've appointed myself as the turnaround manager, and also proposed my plan (and marketing strategy) to make sure that in three months, the salon would double its sales. All those business undergraduate courses and experience as a marketing manager at my dad's college would certainly be handy, now wouldn't it? Anyways, I am very, very excited at the prospect. Why? You might ask? Well... The thing is, I don't know a single thing about managing salons and this would mean that I'm starting at the very bottom, which is the most interesting part. And, for another thing, I'd be helping out my sister in law to jumpstart her make up and bridal business. That'd be a win-win situation, don't you think?

So, a bit of info on the salon. It's called Abiey Salon (based on my sis-in-law's name). It's located right next to JnJ Cafeteria in Jalan Stutong (near Tabuan Jaya area). Currently the salon is sharing its space with a reload center (owned by my brother). I think most people have been or at least know of JnJ but maybe haven't yet heard of Abiey Salon. Well, I'll soon take care of that. I have plans to make it more prominent in the future. But, I certainly won't disclose my plans yet.

This is how it looks from the outside.

And this is from the inside. 

I'm planning minor changes (i.e. rearranging of furniture, new coat of paint etc. etc) in this coming three months and if all goes as planned, I'm going to look forward to some major renovation by the middle of this year. That's why I think I am so going to love this year. I am the kind of person that looks forward to change and I'm hoping that this year, the change will be a good one *amin*.

We've strategically repriced our services;

And also added a Chinese New Year Promotion for our friends who are celebrating the New Year =)

So, watch out my blog for more future interesting promotions. The ladies will certainly like the promotion that I have in mind for the month of February 2012 *ooh la la*.

xo Mrs Fashionista

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