Friday, January 27, 2012

Common Spelling Mistakes

Being an educator, it would be impossible to not encounter spelling mistakes that students make (here and there) when submitting their assignments, quizzes, exams and so on. So, as an effort to remind my students (and any other students out there), I hope you don't make similar mistakes such as these. The incorrect word is on the left and the correct word is on the right (just in case you didn't know ) and in alphabetical order, the mistakes are *drumroll*:

accaunt - account
acept - accept
adviseable - advisable
bangking - banking
bank office - bank
brances - branches
buy - by
card credit - credit card
ceitarn - certain
chake - check
cheaque - cheque
charges card - charge card
constrastion/ contraction - construction
convinience/ convienient - convenient
curriencies - currencies
dana/ modal - capital
defoult - default
depand - depend
developmer - developer
diriectly - directly
draf - draft
drown - drawn

easi - easy
easyly - easily
entrepenuer - entrepreneur
etcetura - etc, etcetra
finacing - financing
governmont - government
gurentee - guarantee

imediate - immediate
immidiately - immediately
individu - individual
instrustron - instruction
interes - interest
investement - investment
involvel - involved

lasee - lessor
literiture - literature
mecinery/ mecinary - machinery

oders - orders
overdraf - overdraft
overnite - overnight

pesonal - personal
pyment - payment
que - queue

recoznition - recognition
redraw - withdraw
reffer - refer
reqisted - requested
requrement - requirement

safty - safety
sistem - system

to banking money - to bank in money
transcation - transaction
trasfer - transfer
tredor - trader/ developer

widrawal - withdrawal
wont - wouldn't/ would not

I am not Little Miss Perfect. I do make spelling mistakes now and then. However, the objective of this post is to highlight the importance of spelling correctly, and if you are unsure of your word, refer to the dictionary. I do it all the time. Being an educator, I have a high tolerance level for spelling mistakes; unfortunately a majority of people don't (especially prospective employers and those in the industry).

So to all students (or anyone out there) be nice to your dictionary. If you don't have one, buy one! Or if you have a smartphone, download the free app =).

To being better.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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