Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chan Family 4th Reunion Dinner

Being a descendant of mixed parentage, I always look forward to a family gathering. It's interesting to see the hodgepodge of cultures (we're all so different and unique) coming together. Here's a photoblog of our recent Chan family (surname inherited from my great grandfather, the late Chan Chian Swee who was from China) reunion dinner.

Sibling love! My grandma is the third eldest. The eldest and the second eldest have passed away years ago. Flanking grandma is her stepsisters and stepbrothers with their partners. In case you didn't know, my grandma is the one with her head covered *duh*.

They look like twins, don't you think?

They're singing a Happy Chinese New Year song (funny eh?). And no, that is not a birthday cake, that's a Happy Chinese New Year cake.

Make a wish grandma!

Us, the Bujang family. No, my grandma's name is not Bujang. It's Saptuyah. Just that Bujang (my late grandpa's name) is easier to remember.

Aww.. Don't they look adorable?

FYI, my grandma does not know a single Hokkien word (our family's dialect) and her stepsister does not know an inch of Malay. How they communicate with each other is a complete mystery to me. 

Yeay! I got angpao and a bottle of wine!

The descendants of Chan family.

We couldn't all fit onto the first frame, so this is the second frame. 

Gorgeous cousins =)

Baby love! 

I swear he's the main attraction of the night. Hehe =)

These two are such romantics! I hope me and hubs will be like that when we grow old *ameen*.

Me and hubs. 

Hubs purposely wore this dragon jacket for the dinner. We got it during our holiday to Beijing in 2010. Certainly is appropriate for this year of the Water Dragon.

My outfit for the dinner, pearl white sequined scarf by Butik Alia, Gold Mandy headband by Sereni & Shentel, dark brown kaftan inspired dress that I got from Samarinda, Indonesia, and watch by Marc Jacobs. What do you think? If you're thinking what I'm thinking, no, I am not pregnant. Not yet anyway. Oh okay, I'll start jogging first thing tomorrow, no need for the hint *jeez*.

To love and family.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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