Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year!!

For those who are not aware of the Chinese lunar calendar, Happy Chinese New Year! Or as they say in Mandarin, Xinnian Kuaile =).

This year, being the year of the Water Dragon, brings forth a lot of luck and prosperity (depending on your astrological birth animal) and it's also been predicted that there'll be a baby boom in China this year. For the article click [here]. For me, a Metal Rooster, I'm predicted to have good luck (not extremely well, but having luck is good enough for me) however me being me, I've never really depended on lady luck but if you'd like to read how your year to be like, the article is [here].

Fireworks show courtesy of my neighbors. The new year celebrations started with fireworks (and lots of it). The rain certainly didn't damper the mood of the festivities and living in a Chinese community, I heard (and saw fireworks) from 10 pm until way after midnight. 

I was still awake at midnight for the fireworks (I'm like a kid, I know) and since it's midnight, I went online to purchase another Sereni & Shentel headband; there's a Chinese New Year promotion, you see...

(Poster courtesy of Sereni & Shentel)

Buy two Blairs for the price of one! Yeay! My heart went into summersaults when I saw the promotion days earlier. Quickly went to Sereni & Shentel's website to decide on which Blair and also called up a friend (to share the promotion with). The headband is inspired by Blair Waldorf, a character in the popular tv series Gossip Girls.

(Photo courtesy of Sereni & Shentel)

And this is what I ordered. A Kiwi Blair. My favorite shade of gadong (gadong is a Sarawakian word for green).

(Photo courtesy of Sereni & Shentel)

And this is what I ordered for my friend. Can't wait for the actual thing to arrive soon. Yeay!

And in the true spirit of 1Malaysia, we went visiting for the whole two days (and ate all sorts of nuts, curry and satay in the process).

Spotted while visiting:

Mr Ibrahim and Madam Hazami's family at Madam Dorothy's place on the first day of CNY.

Mum, in Über-red (channeling CNY prosperity and wealth aura) with Assoc. Prof. Iris, also on the first day (lucky for us, AP Iris shared two amazing recipes for health and how she lost 12 kilos in 3 months). She looks amazing and I am going to follow her recipe for success *positive thoughts*.

On the second day, we went to Jason's and this is where we met this amazing couple who shared with us the places to see when visiting India. He even drew us a map! Now, India is definitely on my list of places to go to.. Hmm.. Agra.. Goa.. Chennai.. Delhi.. The list is endless! Thank you for your kind info sir and we will certainly bring your map with us =). 

Here's hubs in his red Armani Exchange shirt channeling the CNY spirit. I couldn't find any proper red attire to wear so I settled with a hot pink shawl topped with a black Ice Ice Baby Sereni & Shentel headband, pink nurse's outfit by Nicole and dark maroon pants by Benetton. 

My first day CNY outfit: abstract orange and brown shawl topped with a gold Mandy Sereni & Shentel headband, black Armani Exchange shirt, orange striped pinafore by MNG, jeans by Esprit, gold (for prosperity and wealth) wedges by Carlo Rino, and striped gray and hot pink Guess tote. 

Now that my visiting days are done, I am looking forward to our family makan besar (reunion dinner) on the 26th of January 2012 at Telang Usan Hotel. Will blog about that too! =)

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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