Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sereni & Shentel will be increasing their prices starting from 1st February 2012.

Poster released on their blog and Facebook page yesterday.

Nooooooooooooo!!!!! Oh, screaming in front of the laptop is not such a good idea (and my head hurts). Breath in... Breath out... Now let's do some calming yoga poses, downward dog...

Eh, wait, the price increase will start from the month of February, so you have from now until 31st January 2012 to make your purchase (if you don't feel like paying that lil' extra) and before you start running to S&S in panic, not all headbands are affected. Yeay!

The headbands that are NOT affected are:

Bunny Ears
New Money
Party Hat
The Queen
Borneo Mandy

And the headbands that ARE affected are:

Blair - from RM120 to RM129
Block Party - from RM51 to RM60
Mini Block Party (I think this's new) - RM60
Bow Down - from RM201 to RM207
Hen's Veil - from RM201 to RM207
Ice Ice Baby (Matte/ Shiny) - from RM150 to RM156
Ice Ice Baby (Luxe) - from RM162 to RM168
Kuching Cat - from RM129 to RM135
Ice Ice Baby Mini - from RM120 to RM126
Borneo Blair - RM120 to RM129
Borneo Block - RM51 to RM60

Now, that's not too bad, isn't it? Some headbands will not be affected and those that are affected, the price increase is not that unreasonable. The reasons for the price increase is due to rising cost in materials and labor.

Since I've started advocating the benefits of Sereni & Shentel headbands (in comparison to other headbands) to my friends (who unfortunately, are S&S virgins) some have commented that their headbands are too expensive. I beg to differ. Why? Because I buy whenever there is a promotion. That's what financial experts call smart spending. So far for the month of January I have bought five headbands (I don't know what the financial experts would say about that, but that is beside the point).

Let me illustrate my own case:

Buy one Mandy, get one Ice Ice Baby for free. Total spending, RM180. Amount saved, RM150. 

Buy one Blair, get another Blair for free. This time I decided to share the promotion with a friend, so we get one Blair each. So, total spending, RM60. Amount saved, RM60 (because a Blair costs RM120). 

Promo #3: Australia Day Promotion

Buy one Ice Ice Baby Mini, 

(Photo courtesy of Sereni & Shentel)

get one Block Party for free. 

(Photo courtesy of Sereni & Shentel)

Total spending, RM120. Amount saved, RM51. 

So, for FIVE headbands; total spent, RM360. Amount saved, RM261

Wow! I actually save a lot (and no it does not matter that my saving is less than my spending). Take that you financial experts! Oh, I almost forgot, I am not affiliated in any way with Sereni & Shentel and they certainly do not pay me commission for every sale that I introduce.

To smart spending habits and me keeping my new year resolution #2, quality purchases over quantity.

Have a great weekend peeps!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista