Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S&S Virgin

I am definitely a Sereni & Shentel virgin. My first purchase of their headbands was made on New Year's day (during their fabulous New Year promotion; buy a Mandy and get an Ice Ice Baby for free) and just this afternoon (read: a mere 10 days later) I've got this email from S&S, my headband's ready for pick-up at RockPaperScissors (RPS). 

Too excited for words, I quickly drove to Green Heights Mall and voila, this is what I got:

The Ice Ice Baby in black and a gold Mandy, looking even better now that they're both mine *grin*.

Me trying out the black Ice Ice Baby. I actually had dinner with my family tonight at Cafe Majestic (a belated birthday celebration for my brother and sis-in-law) and I wore this for dinner. Hurrah for me! Despite my initial reservations of wearing a headband on top of my scarf (fearing myself looking like a fish out of water) I actually kinda like how the headband looked on my head *surprise*surprise*. 

And this is me wearing Mandy in gold. Forgive me for the grainy photos, they were all taken on my iPhone.

I've always loved S&S headbands since first seeing it on my pal Karen's Facebook a year ago (I think she was joining an S&S competition back then) but I've never made the leap from being a fan to being a customer, simply because I thought I'd regret buying it. Why? I thought that headscarfs and headbands would mix like oil and water, and boy am I wrong. To tell you the truth, I am very, very satisfied with my purchase. I feel happy knowing that I've made the right choice in settling what I want and I don't believe in discounting myself (i.e. getting a similar headband at a cheaper price) I mean, thy deserve to wear something posh and fancy, you know? Funny thing is, I initially thought that I preferred the Mandy compared to Ice Ice Baby, but now I think the Ice Ice Baby looks better on me. 

What do you think?

xo Mrs Fashionista

Ps: I am seriously contemplating on wearing them to work tomorrow *cheeky grin*.


  1. how much? pricey right? hehehe. but i like their design!

  2. Though it is true that their headbands are slightly pricey, but I suggest you go for their buy 1 free 1 promotion. At least you kinda get a 50% discount on the headbands =)