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Fashionista's Travels: Hong Kong

I honestly thought that I'd posted this but apparently I had forgotten all about it. So here we are almost one year ago to the trip that I did for my pre-wedding. Here are the holiday shots of my trip to Hong Kong. Enjoy the photos:

We left Macau on a ferry boat. The ferry is definitely not the same as the ones we'd use for our trips from Sibu to Kapit or the ferries from Penang to Seberang Prai. The trip from Macau to Hong Kong takes about 1 hour if I'm not mistaken. So, kinda similar to the trip from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan.

You'd need to fill in your arrival form. Macau is governed differently from Hong Kong, therefore the need for customs check on arrival.

The ferry ticket cost us HK$154. To roughly convert to MYR, divide it by half.

Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Center. Halal food is not that hard to come by in HK, however, halal outlets might be a little bit hidden (thus for some quite hard to find). There's a halal outlet right next to the mosque, if you're looking at the mosque from this angle, it's located at the building on the left of the mosque. However, it's located at the 1st floor. Sometimes the waiter from the outlet would be standing in front of the building's entrance handing out their halal menu flyers. This mosque is located at Nathan Road and accessible by MRT.

Having been to HK and later watching hollywood movies (i.e. Battleship etc), apparently this building is popular in the movies. You can see the building by night (scroll down for photos or you can click here for my HK prewedding photos). You'll pass this building if you take the MRT to Victoria's Peak. There are signposts leading you towards the tram station that will bring you up Victoria's Peak so you won't get lost.

The crowd queuing for the tram. There's an even longer line outside. We managed to jump the queue because we bought tram tickets along with Madame Tussaud's and Peak entrance tickets.

No, this guy is not a part of our group. This photo is to show how crowded it is queuing for the tram leading up to Victoria's Peak.

As you're queuing for your turn on the tram, you might want to read up on the history of Victoria's Peak.

Lucky for us while we were at the Peak there were Disneyland counters selling tickets. It's their 5 year anniversay celebration. For Muslims who are interested on going to Disneyland, they serve halal food at their Tahitian Terrace.

Next stop, Madame Tussaud's Hong Kong.

Someone is certainly happy to be here =).

Hullo Brangelina

Hullo handsome!

This is the famous Madame Tussaud!

I met the Queen. That's like, wow! Right?

And got to hang out with Spidey

Found Einstein.

And met Bollywood superstar, Amitabh Bachan.

And Captain Jack Sparrow. Ahoy there, matey!

Post Madame Tussaud's, we went up to enjoy Hong Kong's beautiful skyline. Look at the crowd, we can't even get near the railings.

This is one of my best photos of Hong Kong skyline. What do you think?

Hours later, with extremely tired feet, we went down Victoria's Peak. I was amazed to see that there's still a long crowd at the tram station.

Next day we left for Disneyland Hong Kong. Prior to arriving to the park, we boarded a Disney-themed MRT. 

And were met by a Mickey-surfing fountain =)

And we're here! It's quite a distance from the MRT station to Disneyland. So, be prepared to walk (hint: wear comfy footwear).

The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. This train travels all around the park so if you don't feel like walking, you can ride the train instead. 

Went for a Pooh show. Raden's practicing on the Pooh's way of eating honey.

Us with Owl and Kanga.

There's a Disney parade every 5 pm so if you're going to Disneyland, make sure you don't miss this!

Met some of Woody's friend. She's cute!

Love the bright red freckles on her cheek.


It's a small world =).

Us, getting ready for 'It's a small world' ride.

There's even a Mickey ice-cream. Yummy!

Astronaut wannabes.

Me and the most romantic couple in the world, Mickey and Minnie.

That night we went to Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong. This is my best shot of Hong Kong's skyline. Beautifully stunning =).

Wanna see the crowd? The place is packed with people that it's terribly difficult to get a good shot of the show. 

But I did get to capture one of the boats. There's actually a firework show at 8 pm every night, so if you wanna catch the fireworks, make sure that you're not late (like we were). There's more information on how to get to Avenue of the Stars via MRT here.

I love Hong Kong. The mixture of old and new, modern and traditional, it's a wonderful place to visit and I'll be sure to visit it again in the future =). 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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