Wednesday, June 20, 2012

tHe Spring's Live Active Run: The Marathon

Remember my previous post on signing up for a 10km marathon? Well, lo and behold, the much-anticipated day have arrived and I am finally confronted by the possibility of me being able (or perhaps not) complete my first ever marathon.

Well, it's not exactly my first ever marathon, I have previously participated in a marathon, but that was ages ago (and I never did complete THAT marathon) so I'm claiming this as my first real effort at joining a marathon.

First up, collection of marathon gear and what-nots on the 8th of June from tHe Spring

What we got: vouchers from various outlets, a marathon jersey (which is sponsored from tHe SpringConneli and Mitsubishi), a can of 100 Plus drink, a sample from Crabtree & Evelyn, our marathon bib (with a GPS tracker attached to it) and the runner's guide book, all packed in a red woven bag.

17th July 2012, 6.30 am:
Here's hubs getting ready for the marathon. Our marathon starts at 7 am so we have to be there (at the VIP carpark) by 6.30 am for the warm up session. 

Here's me. I did try to go to the gym daily prior to the marathon but I never did manage to lose my weight *dramatic sigh*.

Here's the crowd. Actually there's more but the 21 km marathon crowd had already left by 6.30 am (if I'm not mistaken) so what's left is the 10 km and 5 km crowd. By 7 am the VIP parking lot was actually filled with people.

And here's the route: 

Photo courtesy of tHe Spring's website.

We had to start from tHe Spring, then up Jalan Tun Razak (formerly called Kuching by-pass road) to Jalan Foochow, passing by Jalan Sekama to Jalan Padungan, finally up the hill at Reservoir park then off to Jalan Bampfylde to Jalan Batu Lintang ending at tHe Spring. In my whole life, I'd never expect that I can run/ jog/ walk from tHe Spring to Riverside Majestic and back, but that is what I did. It was only when I was on the road (trying to run/ jog/ walk at the same time) that the reality hit me. 

So, the question is, did I finish?

Well, to qualify for a medal, we had to finish by 9 am (which is a 2-hour window period, meaning roughly an average of 5 km per hour). Hubs completed his run by 1 hour and 30 mins (which is no big deal for him as his average jogging distance is 6 km). For me, I completed by route by 1 hour 48 minutes. Hurrah!! Surprising for someone who's never run a 10 km marathon before. Heh *sheepish grin*.

This is the SEB (Sarawak Energy Berhad, formerly known as SESCO) team. Actually there's more but they're too busy chit-chatting so they didn't make it for the group pose. And for the gray t-shirt, top 50 marathon runners of any category gets to win a gray shirt. What a nice way of showing off, right? Heh heh..

Someone's certainly happy to get a medal =). 

Here's me at the finishing line with my medal and red face (a side effect of running a 10 km marathon in the early morning sun). 

Truth be told, I'd never thought I'd complete the marathon. I've never been a runner. What more to say complete the marathon within the time frame of 2 hours. But I did anyway (am doing jumping jacks of absolute joy and satisfaction as I'm typing this) and I think there's a possibility of another marathon in the future. 

I heard there's another marathon on the 7th July organized by Sarawak Marathon Association. It's a night run actually. So, what do you think, peeps?

To a more healthier lifestyle (I hope). 

xoxo Mrs Fashionista xoxo

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