Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fashionista's Travels: The Science Museum

As I mentioned in my previous post, we managed to snag some time to visit the Science Museum at Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London. In actual fact, we only visited the museum on our last day in London. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 10 pm so we decided to spend the day doing some last minute sight-seeing (and some last minute shopping!).

Since we were staying at one of the hotels near Heathrow, we decided to leave our luggage at Excess Baggage, a storage facility that lets you leave your luggage for a small fee.  We then took the tube from Heathrow Terminal 4 to South Kensington (where the museum is located). 

According to the brochure, there are 7 levels (from the basement to the ground floor up until level 5) containing various exhibits in the museum. Because we were pressed for time, we only explored the ground floor (where the entrance is located) and the 1st floor. 

From the entrance hall, to walk further into the museum, you would have to turn slightly to the left. As entry to the museum is free, there are several clear boxes in which you could of course donate some pennies (or pounds) to the museum. Standing near the boxes are some of the museum staffs recommending that you donate at least GBP5 for the benefit of the museum. 

There are several exhibition areas on the ground floor, such as the Energy Hall, James Watt and Our World, Foucault's Pendulum, Exploring Space, and Making of the Modern World. 

I didn't really notice that we were walking from one exhibition hall to another, because there's no specific signage to indicate that we were entering another exhibition hall (maybe there were signage, but I sure didn't notice them). To me, the museum is kinda like a huge treasure box where they keep the old stuff, you know, like stuff we don't use anymore but used to be important to our society like carriages, steam trains etc. 

And the best part is, I get to see the different modes of transportation (on some part I did feel as if I was transported back to my elementary years where to me, riding in a car with my parents is the best adventure a 10 year old could ever have).

The museum's interior is designed with a high ceiling, therefore if you bother to look up, you would notice some planes (not one, but several planes) hanging from the ceiling. 

And may I introduce you to Miss England

I'm guessing this is part of a rocket... Basically the museum introduces you to most things that are English (i.e. they originated from England) but there are other things too.

Level 1 is slightly more interesting. FYI, I only got to level 1 (we only spent 2 hours in the museum before leaving for Harrods). So don't ask me what's on Level 2 onwards, or even what's in the basement. I wouldn't know.

Level 1 focuses on the human body. There were several computers terminals all over level 1 for interactive activities with visitors. It's more interesting because there were white screens with animations that kinda enhances your overall experience as compared to just watching exhibits.

You can see a model of the DNA...

A pool of blood and etc.. etc..

If you're planning to visit the museum, try to avoid coming during the weekends. We were there on a Saturday and the place was absolutely packed with people. I'm not sure if these people really did intend to visit the museum (because there was a slight downpour as we stepped out of the station) perhaps some of them were really looking for a spot of shelter from the rain.

I do wish that we have something like this in Kuching (where I live) because it would certainly pique our kids' interest with science. Now I'm wondering, do we have something like this in KL?

Happy exploring people!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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