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Malay Wedding: When a Miss becomes a Mrs, congratulations to Khairul Bariah and Sail

I received a call in December 2011 from a friend of mine, Khai asking for the wedding details of my wedding preparation. It's the wedding season and definitely a good cause for all of us to be jolly. And these are the photos of the journey leading to her wedding. Enjoy the photos!

First up: Hen night.

The Hen Night deco and photobooth stuff were done by Sherry. If she ever starts up an event/ entertainment company, we'll be her first customers. She is seriously good at these stuff. 

The theme: COLORFUL inspired by Rio (thank you Sherry for pointing it out), I initially wrote Ice Age *duh*.

Bridal shower survival kit.

The bridal shower survival kit contains... some things need not be named *cheeky grin*. But the whole list is available here in Sherry's blog, if you're curious

Custom made bridesmaid bracelet corsages. KLS, no it's not Kimora Lee Simmons, it's actually Khai Loves Sail (who is the groom, just in case you're wondering).

Matching bracelets. Yeay!

Bride to be, definitely having a lot of fun during the bridal shower. Bridal headband was custom made by Sherry and is super pretty =).

The bride to be even had her own sash. Kudos to Sherry. Wonder when she had the time to prepare all these, they add a wonderful touch to the party.

Had our dinner at Carvery. So should we need to be served, we just have to flash these 'Serve Me' chips. Maybe I should have one of these for me at home *wicked thought*.

As shown on photo. The other side of the 'Serve Me' chip is 'Thank You' a signal meaning 'I'm full, thank you very much'.

And we also had some photobooth fun, also courtesy of Miss Entertainment Extravaganza Sherry.

Next up: Wedding preparations.

Two nights before the wedding. Khai wanted fresh flowers (I told her that even if you'd bought plastic, you'd end of throwing them in the rubbish bin anyway and the real ones are sooo much better!). Oh, you're wondering about these ladies? They're the pagar ayus (aka bridesmaids).

Sherry showing off her craftmanship. She and Vina kept hogging the scissors. Note to self for future weddings:Bring more scissors.

Voila! The end result. Nice, right?
Last, but not least, the Wedding.

The Wedding dais. Fresh flowers and birds. The wedding dais was made by Anafie Creation (correct me if I'm wrong).

Can't see the birds? Here they are! They're hidden between the flowers. A personal touch from Khai for Sail. Why? Cause Sail loves birds. Ain't it sweet? =)

Alat Merenjis.

Wedding gifts from the groom. Oh, hello Louie!

The groom.

The Bride, giving consent to her father.

Aku nikah kan dikau dengan Khairul Bariah Saifulbahri...
Aku terima nikahnya Khairul Bariah Saifulbahri...

Post solemnization du'a recital. It's official. She is now Mrs Sail =).

Something different. A traditional Sabah wedding custom.

First official photo as a wedded couple.

Post wedding solemnization photo session.

The train.

Pretty =).

I wasn't able to shoot as many photos as I liked as I was on official bridesmaid duty. Lovely wedding to a whirlwind short mere-4-months wedding preparation. We did it! Hurrah!

Congratulations to Khai and Sail and am looking forward to your bundle of joy *hugs*.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

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