Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am leaving for my honeymoon.

I know, another one, right? Ah well... Coincidentally a great many activities were planned for this year and what can I say? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Have passport, will travel *happy grin*.

So, next destination?

London, Paris, Manchester and most probably some parts of Scotland.


Starting from this weekend until the next. Oh, I really wish that I'd be going for at least two weeks but duty calls. I have only one week off and I'm making the most of it. So, flying out on a Friday and flying in again on a Saturday. Will be arriving in Kuching on Sunday afternoon.

I've read that the French are among the rudest people ever. But it's okay, I also heard that not saying Bonjour is considered rude by the French, so it's no wonder that the French are rude to us, we're being rude too, right?

So to prepare for the journey, I've tried to learn a few French words:

Bonjour - hello/ good morning
Bonne nuit - good night
Je m'appelle - my name is...
Au revoir - goodbye
Merci - thank you

So, hopefully I'll get to visit the places that I've always dreamt of going to (hint: Eiffel tower, the Louis Vuitton flagship store and Disneyland Paris).

To love and many more honeymoons in the future *ameen*.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista