Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fashionista's Travels: Phuket, Thailand

How can you not love Thailand? I was in Bangkok last December and traveled to Phuket in February and during both travels, I find the Thais to be such nice people and Thailand is such a great place to go to. Rather than I blog about how great my trip was, I'll let y'all be the judge and here are the photos:

Where we stayed, Samkong Place, Phuket Town.

The room. If I'm not mistaken, a room at Samkong Place would cost you less than RM100 per night. And they have complimentary breakfast too! =)

It's about 5 minutes walking distance to Bangkok Hospital.

Went to Patong on this.

Hard Rock Cafe, Phuket.

A Hard Rock t-shirt is a must!

There's plenty of shirts like this if you fancy this kind of style.

These guys are actually promoting Muay Thai. Their tagline? "Tonight!" Repeated on and on until the word kinda gets stuck in your head.

Karon beach. It's about 10 to 15 minutes drive from Patong.

The boats at Karon beach.

Simon Cabaret. A tranvestite show. And just in case you're wondering, there's no hanky-panky shows at Simon Cabaret. 

Raden with the performers. FYI, they're all male. A photo would set you back at least THB100 (but they do accept any amount that you give them).

Then it's my turn. They're super nice and pretty.

Went for a trip to the islands the very next day. This is the famous Maya beach, where the movie The Beach (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) was shot.

As you can see, there's so many people at Maya Beach. A word of advice, don't travel during peak period and it would appear that February is certainly one of those peak periods.

Not far from Maya Beach. I must say that this is among one of the best shots that I took of our trip. There's more photos on my Pinterest if you'd like to check them out =).

Snorkeling near Phi Phi Island. The color of the sea is an incredible shade of turquoise but be forewarned, the sea is incredibly salty.

This is Phi Phi Island, specifically Phi Phi Don (I think).

Boats at Phi Phi Island.

Kai Island. Kai is actually a Thai word for chicken. From afar, the island looks like a giant turkey, hence the name Kai.

This is Bangla Road. They have Agogo shows, which is kinda like an x-rated show of so many different acts. I decided not to go for the Agogo show (I don't think I'm an Agogo person) but if you're thinking of watching such a show, it's THB900 per show.

And if you don't feel like going for a show, there's pole dancing that you can watch for free. However, I doubt that these are real women (if you know what I mean).

This is the boxing complex. It's actually right behind Jungceylon Mall (the shopping mall not far from Bangla Road). However, I didn't get to watch a boxing match, actually I don't think I'd have the stomach to watch a real-live boxing match. Maybe, next time.

Went to Wat Chalong. One of the popular temples in Phuket.

Me, mimicking one of Buddha's poses in the temple. Oh, if you're thinking 'bout visiting a temple, let me tell you that temples are considered as a sacred place (as if you don't know, right?) and they have a no shoes/ slippers policy so, you can leave them outside near the door if you like, and you must also be properly attired inside the temple (i.e. no provocative clothes).

Part of the temple complex. 

Us, in front of the temple.

The Big Buddha, Phuket. You can see the Buddha even from Patong beach! And this place is like 30 minutes away from Patong.

The view of Phuket from the Big Buddha. 

Had some coconut ice-cream after climbing up the Big Buddha. It's huge man! The Buddha, not the ice-cream.

This van is so Scooby Doo.

A cool retro Volkswagen van that serves as a mobile bar selling alcohol in front of Hard Rock Cafe.

Walking the streets of Patong can be a hot and sticky affair so you might find plenty of fruit stalls by the side of the road, ready to serve you fresh coconut juice or blended fruit juice. A freshly cut coconut or blended fruit juice would cost somewhat around THB40 to THB50.

There's even stalls selling pancakes and waffles. Pancakes costs somewhere around THB50.

The five of us. From left, Nazar, hubs, Qayyum and Intan.

Happy honeymooners we are.

Hubs getting a last look at Phuket. We will certainly be back. It was an absolutely wonderful trip, we can't wait to look forward to extend our next trip to Phuket to include Krabi and Koh Samui =).

To wanderlust and hot sunny beaches.

xoxo Mrs Fashionista


  1. Hi Fareiny, very informative photos about Phuket. I ll be heading there soon. Appreciate if you could tell me where that Rock Shop is or any info about it. Thanks!

    1. The Rock Shop is located in Patong, just make sure you stroll down the street of Patong, you won't be able to miss it =)