Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snap! Click!

And there goes your wedding photo.

Seriously there is nothing more disappointing than an overpriced photographer with a set of not-so-flattering photos. It's not like you can host the wedding for a second time just for the sake of photo-taking sessions. To find out that your wedding photos suck two months after the wedding is simply not tolerable. Especially to the brides. Imagine picking out the perfect gown, with the perfect amount of satin and lace and only to find out that you look frumpy in your wedding photos? Gosh, I don't want to pay an exorbitant fee only to get photos that make me look like bridezilla *yikes*.

So, fear not brides-to-be. Here I'm going to share some of my favorite photographers. Some are available in Kuching and some in Semenanjung. With a fee, I'm sure they'll be able to hop on the next plane and fly to your wedding venue =).

First up: Nazar Ibrahim Photography, a dear friend of mine. Had the opportunity to look at his photos first hand and also to be on the other side of his camera.

I really love love the contrast between the object and the background in his photos =). Like his photos? Visit his website at for more info.

One photographer's style that has taken my fancy is Piccherita. I do love the theatrics he includes in almost all his photo and not to mention the bizarre locations =P.

I do love love his creativity. If you like him, he has a facebook page. Click here.

Another photographer is Ise Razak from Mahligai Anggun. I also adore the vividness of his photos =)

Photos courtesy of If you're interested in making him your photographer, then head on to his site =)

Another one of the more well-known (and not to mention well-established) photographer is Alvin Leong. He has his own academy for aspiring photographers (like me!) and these are this photos:

Here's Alvin =P

Check out his website at

Finally: Manggis. The name is akin to a round purple fruit

But I assure you, their photos are as sweet as their namesake. And this is an example of their work:

and their photo:

Interested? Go to for more info.

Now that you've done salivating over the photos that I've posted, let's call it a day peeps!


xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo