Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashionista's Movie Review: No Strings Attached

Ashton Kutcher is so delicately charming. And wonderful. And an absolute great boyfriend he'd make. No, make it the perfect boyfriend. On screen, that is.

I really loved the movie. Nope, I didn't mind that Natalie Portman was such a selfish b*tch in the movie. And that I did cry a little when they kinda broke up. Kinda, since there was no relationship to begin with.

This is seriously a chick flick. With lots of fun and laughter and not to mention s*x. But that is to be expected. Since the two of them (Portman and Kutcher) are sex friends. Like, friends who occasionally have sex with each other. Which it seemed to me to be rather often. And anyways, this is how the troubles began.

Well, to be frank, it seems to me that in this movie, Ashton Kutcher seems like the dream boyfriend. Except for the minor fact that he wanted to f*ng*r Portman when he was 15 (well in the movie that was how they met) he seems like a very decent guy, who is so charming and adorable that it's wouldn't be hard to fall for him (besides already falling for his good looks and ribbed torso that is).

But there the movie goes deeper into Portman's peculiarities and her aversion to relationships and getting close to anyone for fear of getting her heart broken.

Well, well. Let me not spoil the movie for you. For lay-dies out there, this is a must see with your girlfriends. You will, and I really mean it, laugh your heart out (*_*)

See you at the movies!!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo