Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 10K Affair

It is simply atrocious. Seriously, the prices that people are charging are simply out of this world. Can you imagine a wedding dais costing 10K? You can't?

Let me explain and I'll let you be the judge.

A wedding dais is one of the most important features in a wedding. Why you simply can't have a wedding without having a wedding dais. It is akin to a throne on which sits the bride and the groom. It's their big day and given the theatrical nature that we Malays are blessed with, the wedded couple are to sit on a throne and be king for a day; and dressed like a king and queen, complete with our bridesmaid and best man whose main task is to fan us (lest that telltale sweat spots appear somewhere in the vicinity of our armpits).

This is kinda how a wedding dais looks like:

Photo courtesy of nas-great-ideas; taken from Signature Weddings Asia http://my.signatureweddings.asia/.

Imagine my surprise when I casually asked a certain wedding dais supplier in Kuching and he (just as casually) said that a standard wedding dais would cost 3 - 4K (this is referring to a wedding dais placed in the home of either the bride or groom). The standard wedding dais (from my untrained eyes) consisted of a pair of chairs (which is to be the throne) a few pillars, some swathes of cloth (in various colors) thrown behind the pillars and a few vases of flowers at the side of the chairs. That, in all equals to 3 - 4K.

And for those who aspire to host a larger wedding, (hint: at any hotels or large wedding halls) he informed that a standard wedding dais would cost about 8K and a custom-made wedding dais would cost at minimum, 10K. Can you imagine? 10K? Oh, I forgot to say that the reason for it being so expensive is simply because of the fact that the stage would be larger and larger stages need larger wedding dais (or at the very least the stage needs something to fill it up).

Remember my previous post on upping the wedding budget at a minimum of 20K? Well, with a wedding dais costing 10K can we fit the wedding dress, catering, hall rental, make up, photographer, mc, videographer and any other costs related to the wedding to just 10K? Really, it seems like 20K is simply not enough. Or you might be hosting a wedding without a dais *shucks*. Lets up the ante to 30K this time. But then again, 30K and a lil' bit more would enable you to buying a small-sized car (with cash might I add). Don't you think it's a little outrageous? You know, your once-in-a-lifetime event costing the price of a mid-size car or even a house?

It is an overpriced industry complete with swarming sharks. Why overpriced? Let me illustrate. Should I wish to get married, I need two wedding dais (at least). One for the solemnization ceremony at home due to a tepung tawar (in which the parents, aunts and uncles give their blessing) session by our close relatives. Another wedding dais for the wedding reception (most probably will be held at a wedding hall). So that accounts for two wedding dais, one small and another larger one. Should I opt to the price that the guy mentioned, my cost would be a minimum of 13K. What if I decide to host a smaller wedding celebration for my closest friends and family. That would mean another wedding dais. Does that mean that my wedding dais would cost me 16K (at the very least?).

Brides-to-be be very, very careful on whom you appoint for your big day. You might end up with a huge bill and a miserable time paying for it.

Till next time, Cheerio!

xoxo Fashionista in Action xoxo