Friday, November 1, 2013

Credit Card for the Fashionistas in Malaysia

A few days ago I received a mail from Vaenissa of iMoney and they asked whether I could feature an infographic that they did on credit cards in Malaysia. Although I am not a proponent of credit card as in my personal opinion it could tempt you to create unnecessary debt via unnecessary spending, I do believe that in certain circumstances, credit cards (yes in the plural form should one be not enough) are a necessary evil. 

Used properly, a credit card can actually be a useful tool for one to manage their daily spending. So here are the 2013 top credit cards for the Fashionistas in Malaysia =). 

iMoney is a website that helps you to compare loans among different financial institution and also provides knowledge and information regarding products and services provided by these said institutions. Those who are looking for a quick upgrade in their financial knowledge (and this includes any financially savvy fashionista for that matter) may want to visit their website [here] or check out their Facebook page [here].

Spend wisely peeps!

xoxo Mrs Fashionista

Psst: This infographic is giving me serious thoughts on changing my credit card provider. How about you?

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